Levy’s Dream Signing

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Just imagine the scene. Him all there, with his wife. I mean you expect that. Well you’d need that. That is what is known as your actual package, isn’t. Your brand.

He’s like Cliff Richard in many ways. Been on the same journey. ‘Course everyone’s on a journey nowdays. Unless you’re trying to get from Colchester to Liverpool Street on a Sunday in which case you’re on a replacement bus next to some bloke eating an egg sandwich.

But like Cliff he was a much raved about star. Raved about to an excessive extent in some eyes, but then his popularity sort of leveled out in this country. We don’t like our celebs ‘up there’ for too long. We like to keep ’em on their toes. No matter how big you might think you are, disaster is but an expose in the News Of  The Screws away.

So like Cliff, his fame mellowed over here as it increased over there. Like when Cliff was discovered, so to speak in Japan around about the same time released Carrie.

But now it looks like he’s making a return. You know, like Cliff did. We hadn’t seen sight nor sound him for what seemed like decades and then one day at CentreCourt, a spot of rain and a BBC sound engineer with a live mic and one acapella blast of Summer Holiday and suddenly – a legend is reborn.

And our man is experiencing a similar rejuvenation. Courtesy of the recent and failed World Cup bid.

That gormless tube Capello basically retired him or as good as tried to when making smalltalk on his way to a free lunch. But what the insolent Italian didn’t factor into his casual jibe was that the boy Beckham still had some fuel in the tank. That and most of the new generation of footballers were pretty rubbish, truth be told.

So once we negotiate the frankly confusing timings of the close of the MLS season and his loan deals and what have you, it transpires that David Beckham maybe gracing the Premiership. A swansong, if you like.

West Ham are purported to have declared an interest. No surprise there, at this stage Gold & Sullivan are submitting applications to X Factor on behalf of their players in the vain hope that something might be salvaged before the inevitable winding up order lands on their mat.

But word is that Beckham could indulge Spurs with a season. That’s the word. What say you?

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  • chiversmetimbers says:


  • macker says:

    Sure, why not. the boy is still quality. ish

  • spursman79 says:

    i say you are a cock, why all the stupid riddles? are you a school kid trying to show that you are older by coming out with words that are big? not impressive at all, the sooner you shut this utter crap blog down the better, do us all a favour and jog on boy!!

    • Harry Hotspur says:


    • Sid Trotter says:

      go away if you can’t work out taxing little riddles. There is an IQ bar on here that is obviously set too high for yuo to gain entry. Have you been to Spurs Odyssey, they are more up your street, go on, try them, you know it makes sense

      • chubbtheyid says:

        What are you on about you bum. Stop acting like stephen fry, nobody is saying they don’t understand the riddles only that they are shit and pointless. Have a word wrinkle nuts!!!!

    • melcyid says:

      are you spursman18 older brother

    • Dan says:

      You are a proper dicknose mate. No riddles there. I hope you are able to understand.

  • spurious supporter says:

    this blog crashes more often than George Michael on a midnight munchie hunt.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      It’s really rubbish at the minute. I’m pretty depressed about it. Blogger was rubbish, but was free. OleOle was actually forever going down but when it was the middle of the night in the UK…

      • Sid Trotter says:

        what about wordpress – have you looked into their blog service things – free as well I think

        • triple_b says:

          Hey Harry, I own a design firm. I’m sure I could whip you up something better than this. I’ll give you a spurs discount (free) and make some of this ad space work for you.

  • Smileyspud says:

    Beckham is an interesting prospect. He would make a great impact if he and 3MP came on from off the bench late in a game. They would change the dynamic completely when we need it. Provided he keeps to his daily cod liver oil, I think hes worth a punt on loan.

    • spursman79 says:

      worth a punt? how much in wages do you think he would expect? is he better than what we already have? we NEED a top striker and lassana diarra and we are done, nothing else needed.

      • Smileyspud says:

        Id listen to what offers are on the table re wages. Its a value for money question. Diarra would be great, as would a top class striker, but Beckham could still do a job. He also comes with furtehr international exposure and shirt sales that would boost the clubs image in the right direction. Its not the perfect deal, but if considered, I wouldnt label it a travesty

      • Didn’t Lasagna Diarrhea keep us out of the CL a couple of years ago?

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