The Most Loathesome Footballer Of All Time?

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As the news comes down the wire that the Terry family’s dynasty of disgrace continues a pace.  John Terry’s brother, Paul Terry has triggered the suicide of a former team mate who’s wife was dumb enough ‘sleep’ with the unbelievably mong faced chav.

And as it’s quite likely that the Balckpool game may well be called off if the Met Office have got it right, let’s kill a while and name the ne’er-do-wells. As John Lydon so rightly said, Anger Is An Energy

Here are just some of mine.

John Terry – The Cadmeister General .  Jason Dozzel – crack head. Alan Shearer – elbow wholesaling baldy idiot. Bryan Robson – useless gambling drunk. G. Neville -a face only a Heroin dealer could love. Nasri – his dentist is a vet. Tony Adams – alround addict & village idiot extraordinaire. Perry Groves – Ginger prat. Ray Parlour – Learned to speak listening to Harold Steptoe.

Please do share yours.

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