They Turned Down Modric

Let’s try again now the server is supposedly fixed, shall we?

This was bizarrely revealed on Talksport yesterday afternoon and so my binge cleaning of the kitchen wasn’t all about the one euro and seven pence behind the fridge.

Modders was being scouted, amongst others by a chap by the name of Les Padfield. Les is a professional football scout and he was good stuff, chatting away about his life in football. He was plugging his book – Scouting For Moyes – when he made reference to the Modders snub.

It apparently came from Bolton after the Croatian had played against England. Les said, ‘I told them he had bossed it out there.’ The response was, ‘He’s not big enough.’


  1. HH, just an FYI, but this “re-issued” blog appeared on Newsnow but the link didn’t work. I went to WFRF and clicked his link to your blog and it worked.

    Don’t know if that means the server is still full of cheesy goodness, but there you go.

  2. In many ways I think they were correct. He has had many games for Spurs where he is very easily eased off the ball, and sometimes his passing and decision making os poor. That said, he can then scare the life out of defenders when they allow him to run at them. He is the exactly the same height as VDV,but has noweher near the same strength – still a great player on his day though.

    1. you sir……

      Are as mad as a rabid badger. Moddle is awesome and when fit has been extremely consistent.

    2. Many ways? No ways Joses. Anyone that has watched the Modfather since coming to Spurs will know that he has got considerable stronger and he is now much harder to knock off the ball. He battles in midfield and wins tackles all the time. The Prem is full of lumpen oafes, but I’d rather watch Modders jinking past 4 players riding challenges and then delivering a cross so accurately into the danger zone that TMWNV can only put the ball into his own net. Every time.

        1. I enjoyed reading it more then second time. I felt I got so much more out of it too. Its been like one of those films that you need to watch several times to really understand. Like Vanilla Sky for example. Or like some books that you read but aren’t able to dont absorb everything in just one reading. Like Watership Down. In fact I feel compelled to reread the post in case I missed something. Doughnut.

  3. Looks like someone was tw&tting around with your domain name and not pointing it properly.

    HH, the loss of access to your site over the last week or so is almost as bad as oleoles “upgrades” excuse.

    Also, any dosh you make from ads on the site will go to you without any dodgy ad revenue from the hosts. Just a thought considering you’ve got a big enough readership to make it financially viable.

    1. Agreed, maybe set up a forum so that we can keep threads alive and revisit topics which keep coming up time after time. Trembles is right, the core here is getting stronger and more widespread.

      1. I’m in complete aggreement with the two honourable posters above as regards your own site. I might even be persuaded to part with 50p if doing so ensured lifetime membership and maybe 10% off match day tickets. And a program.

        Nice one Harry keep up the work.

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