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I don’t know if they still do it, but the Sunday Times always used to do a feature in their last Colour Supplement of the year. It was a few pages filled with passport sized photographs of famous folk who’d snuffed it that year.

My responses to the snaps was always the same. Flitting between, ‘Aged 69? She was a pensioner in her black and white films?’ to ‘**** off, he was on Wogan last night.’ But what happened overall was you got a sense of time moving on.

To attempt to reproduce this in football blog terms might prove not only limiting but a tad grim. But this season more than most has been a series of events that could possibly define what this Club does for a whole generation. Never in my lifetime have I had such a sense of times changing in the land of the Lilywhites.

Without the sensational addition of Oligarch, Arabian or Bond Villain money, Spurs have done the seemingly unimaginable and turned into something pretty naffing close to what we always hoped they would.

Champions League football. Futuristic images of joyous Customer Reference Numbers strolling gayly about the grounds of the Your Name Here stadium. Slur Alex not throwing a blanket over any of our best players.

So let’s have your scrapbook of the people and the moments that were standout moments in the year. Perhaps 3MP’s goal against City. It might be that John Terry’s dad getting busted for peddling charlie made you happiest. Who knows how your mind works. The Boy Bale, the comeback and victory against The French.

Link to pictures,videos, or just blurt out what’s on your mind. This year has been pretty historic.

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  • bob says:

    AAAAAAt 3 was bale leaving paolo ferrrrreerrrrra on his arse and scoring with his right foot.

    AAAAAAAAAAAt 2 was the final whistle at the emptycrates realising we’ve just made them cads look like mugs for once

    AAAAAAAAAt 1 knowing that the next year ends in One, and the Champions League final’s at Wembley. It’s destiny I tells ya.

    Merry Xmas, Happy Hanukkah and COYS

    • LosLorenzo says:

      A bit late for Happy Hannukkah, it was an early one this year.

      Kwanzaa starts on Sunday, though. I know what I’m wishing for :-)

  • Azzabrows says:

    The rollercoaster epitomization of this club in recent years at the San Siro. Within the span of that 90 minutes I’ve never felt more of anything.

    Happy Holidays, COYS, and next year ends in a 1. With any luck we’ll find it even more memorable than this one.

  • seattlespursguy says:

    14 April 2010, Spurs 2-Scum 1. A Rose rocket and one Gareth Bale arrives to do the French.

    17 April 2010, Spurs 2-Blue Scum 1. Defoe (somehow) hits a pen and Bale, Bale, Bale.

    05 May 2010, Spurs 1-Man Shitty 0. Crouch is a legend. Thank you and goodbye.

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Hello dawn patrollers :gaehn: :winke:

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