Anti Stratford Protest – Pointless Wash Out

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Emily Pankhurst, Bobby Sands, that chap who got run over by a tank in Tiananmen Square, the Fathers For Justice bloke in a Batman suit… and now a few dozen idiots with a badly drawn bed-sheet partially blocking a B road.

Initial reports from optimistic agitators was of some 500 people involved. One can only presume the other 476 were stuck in traffic.

The media impact was a tidal wave of inertia. The Haringey Bugle & Recorder put up a few pictures but alas, no copy.

There is an argument for staying at The Lane but it isn’t being made coherently by disingenuous creeps like David Clammy.

Too much low rent shouting and not enough thinking. Too little dealing of facts and too much division and name calling.

On the Alan Brazil breakfast this morning there was some mockney ‘I’ll tell yoo wot pal!’ cartoon character shouting that he didn’t think the move to Stratford would take place as a he didn’t think we’d want to play with a running track around the pitch’.

And then of course we have the sainted David ‘expenses” Clammy with his Rent-An-Intellectual-Property-Lawyer announcing that THFC trading as THFC outside of Haringey would constitute ‘passing off’.

Too much stupidity and too much disinformation.

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  • onedavemackay says:

    I still don’t want us to move but I do see the pragmatism of the argument for Stratford.

    It is all very well for Haringey and Lammy to whine on but where’s the financial support that the Goons and Wembley got? They need to put up or shut up.

    As for Danny boy Levy, you have to admire his business acumen and his tactics in this deal. If the pressure he has put Haringey under results in more dosh and better transport he wins and if they don’t deliver, the resulting move to Stratford will be their fault.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I don’t want us to move either.

      Haringey or it’s biggest gob, Clammy just see this as a cash cow.

      We have an ‘Age Of Austerity’ in which a business that pays out hundreds of thousands of pounds pwk to it’s employees wants to redevelop.

      Waheeey! Call everyone you know. FREE MONEY!!!

      What a pity this plastic socialist doesn’t care as much about his electorate as he pretends to or he might actually see beyond causing THFC problems, aid the redevelopment and bring some real green shoots to the area.

      Alas, no. He instead prefers a Mickey Mouse scare campaign.

      There is one reason why THFC will ‘desert’ Haringey.

      The parasites that inhabit it.

  • Astromesmo says:

    I want us to stay in N17 but I fear that the time for any kind of plan to make that happen is fast disappearing. What has emerged as a protest so far has been pretty lame and offers no constructive solutions, just name calling, threats and tubthumping… Something that experience should show us has little or no effect on Levy.

    Strangely, the final decision on our future seems like it is going to be made by a committee & Boris, far away from any of the interested parties – A pretty undemocratic way to resolve this whole shambles.

    Sadly the net result of all of this is that either way, the club are in for a media hiding and the Olympic Stadium is doomed to be knocked down after 2 weeks at a cost of nearly £36m per day to the taxpayer, or inhabited half-rent, half-filled by West Ham until they and the stadium crumble through debt.

    A typical British cock-up in planning of the highest order and ALL those concerned – Hooey, Coe, UK Athletics, Boris, Levy, Sullivan & Gold should be taken out into the fields of grass that will start poking through the concrete one month after the flames go out – And shot.

  • Onedavemackay says:

    The idea that an athletics stadium needs 60,000 seats is as stupid as the idea that any decent soccer stadium benefits from having a running track.

    • Astromesmo says:

      It beggars belief that no-one from the ‘Olympic movement’ had the foresight to contact AEG about hosting events BEFORE planning & building the stadium. They have years of experience now with the O2 and surely, with a little involvement could have told them that they might need a few more khazi’s and a hot-dog stand to make this a viable concern. The level of stupidity and arrogance by the Athletics ‘Elite’ is mind-blowing. It’s they who have blown Britain’s Olympic legacy by being too busy patting each other on the back to do the basic ‘due dilligence’. Cads.

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        It’s just typical. too busy passing the port the right way and making sure they guffaw in the right place.

        Net result a white elephant in the time honoured tradition of daft British ideas.

        Next week we’ll be talking to the Minister for Sports And Bungs who will be opening a £750bm Blow Football Acadamy on the moon.

      • Anthony In That Number says:

        Could not agree more. All so self obsessed they forget about the nitty gritty of making it work, and the actual requirements of dare I say it the….. Paying public ie us poor sods who pick up the tab time and time again ! Crickey I think I shall have to get my blood pressure tablets!!!!
        And I havent` even got round to mentioning ….
        Where is the STRIKER ???? Goodness me we need a
        half decent finisher urgently. It is so frustrating because the rest of the side looks very handy indeed. Thought Daws, Ben, Gallas and Modders looked bang on it yesterday. Having said that Vidic was superb for them even though he was intent on swapping shirts with VdV during the game.

      • TMWNN says:

        Do you know for a fact that AEG wasn’t contacted?

        • Astromesmo says:

          I was going from the fact that THFC contacted AEG who then said publicly that they would be glad to be involved and would partner us… Not that they had already been contacted and were already involved with LOCOG.

          Of course I don’t know what machinations were going on behind the scenes and it could be that they were in talks with Boris who teamed them up with us, while inducing a bid from WHL Plc. There do seem to be many forces at play in this and very few of them are part of the mainstay media argument. Boris definitely has had a hand, I think that much has been established.

        • Astromesmo says:

          Regardless, the argument remains the same. There should have been a cast iron plan for the next 50 years in place BEFORE the stadium was built. That way, any amendments to the design to bring it into spec with legacy (god, I hate that word now) use could have been done at minimum cost to the tax payer/end user. Short sighted blithering nonsense.

  • Anthony In That Number says:

    An option regarding the athletics stadium that Seb Coe and others want as the legacy… Why not convert WHL into a 25000 seater, state of the art athletics stadium, with proper training facilities and warm up areas which could also be used for concerts, under 21 fixtures etc? It cannot be any worse than Crystal Palace which is just as bad if not worse to get to. That way WHL stays intact, the area retains at least something useful without having to spend too much on infrastructure as it woulld see WHL used less with fewer in attendance. Ultimately Spurs get the Olympic stadium. I really do not want to move from WHL BUT we have to be pragmatic and look at ways to make it all work. Sadly what we cannot do is stay as we are, unless 10th in the EPL and the odd Carling Cup run appeals. The other point which most people have overlooked is that AEG have made a damn good success of running that other white elephant THE DOME. Fully agree with Astro that as usual in Britain our planning and lack of forward thinking remind me that we are essentially a third world country when it comes to these things. Scandalous !

  • forhodssake says:

    I dont particularly like the trend amongst spurs fans to slate each other over their differing opinions re Northumberland/Straford. The fact is that the fans will have little influence on the board/money men/politicians unless there are protests on a massive scale. We will have to put up with whatever decision is made and may never know the full reasons/motivations.

    I do think that now we have mafe it clear we have ambitions, it would feel like a let down if we did neither Straford or Northumberland.

    If we dont get Stratford (entirely possible) I wonder if we will be able to raise the money for Northumberland?

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