Date: 17th January 2011 at 9:55am
Written by:

Emily Pankhurst, Bobby Sands, that chap who got run over by a tank in Tiananmen Square, the Fathers For Justice bloke in a Batman suit… and now a few dozen idiots with a badly drawn bed-sheet partially blocking a B road.

Initial reports from optimistic agitators was of some 500 people involved. One can only presume the other 476 were stuck in traffic.

The media impact was a tidal wave of inertia. The Haringey Bugle & Recorder put up a few pictures but alas, no copy.

There is an argument for staying at The Lane but it isn’t being made coherently by disingenuous creeps like David Clammy.

Too much low rent shouting and not enough thinking. Too little dealing of facts and too much division and name calling.

On the Alan breakfast this morning there was some mockney ‘I’ll tell yoo wot pal!’ cartoon character shouting that he didn’t think the move to would take place as a he didn’t think we’d want to play with a running track around the pitch’.

And then of course we have the sainted David ‘expenses” Clammy with his Rent-An-Intellectual-Property-Lawyer announcing that trading as THFC outside of Haringey would constitute ‘passing off’.

Too much stupidity and too much disinformation.