Arsenal’s Theo Walnutt – Arrogant, Naive Or Plain Old Stoopid?

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Having no discernible life worth speaking of myself  I was going through cyber dustbins in order to find us a meager treat for our suppers tonight with the radio on and could barely believe wot was coming in my ears.

Arsenal Football Club’s very own wonderkid chatting away quite amiably in one of those post match interviews. About cheating!

What a total dirty gooner ponce rotter.

“I thought [Dowd] did give the penalty to be honest. I just want to apologise to the managers, I actually dived trying to win the penalty.

“I said to one of their players would you have done it if it was the last few minutes and he said he I probably would have done it.

“I’m not the sort of player to do it, I own up to that and I apologise for that. It’s one of those things that I don’t like to see in my game. I’ve heard some people say if you feel just a slight touch you should go down so it can work both ways.

“I’m not happy with myself for doing that but I’m happy that we got the draw in the end. [Alex Bruce] was fine about it. Whether he knew if it was a penalty I don’t know but I said sorry I’m trying to win the game. I had a little bit of a laugh and a joke with the referee afterwards saying that’s the first dive I’ve ever done can you tell?”

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