Bentley To Brum Beckham To Come

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David Bentley’s having a medical.  Ang on, we’ve been here before…

Clearly the impending arrival of Sir David Of Beckham has triggered Levy & Co to give the green light for someone else to give the boy Bentley a go.

The Beckham signing will be a charm. No two ways about it. Unless he gets caught doing something despicable then Mickey Hazard’s replacement will be a runaway success. All the bleating about ‘the Beckham circus’ and supposed threat to the squad’s harmony will be proved to be the clucking of wet hens.

That Bentley off is a not a pity. He has failed to achieve all what was threatened. It remains a pity that he didn’t succeed but his ‘Friday morning injuries’ are no longer our concern.

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  • Fatfish says:

    Thanks H, I’ve just posted 3 times on the last blog.

    Let’s hope Bentley didn’t pick up a Friday morning injury on the way to the medical.

  • spurlative says:

    I think its obvious now that the deal for beckham has been concluded!
    Where can I get a shirt? Last time someone wore number 23 was solo campbellarse?

    • Fatfish says:

      Cuddlychins wears 23.

      74 is free, which is the number of hairstyles he’ll have during his 2 months with us.

      • bob says:

        when you say cuddlychins I presume you mean cudicini not huddlestone, which was my first guess when someone mentions multiple chinnage.

        35 is free i think. that’s his age but he probably won’t want to draw attention to that though will he?

        • Desert Spur says:

          Apparently the following numbers are free:

          16, 25, 27-29, 31, 33-36, 38+ (Is Bentley’s 5 shirt now free too?)

      • Desert Spur says:

        Scrap that: 27 and 39 are gone too (Woodgate -not registered, and Alnwick)

        • Desert Spur says:

          And 16, 25, and 28 are out on loan (Naughton, Rose and Walker) – so that answers my first question about Bentley. I really should read the full webpage before posting details – sorry!

          So that leaves 29,31,33-36,38 and 40+……….apparently

        • MysteriousStranger says:

          Looks like my lottery numbers are sorted for this week. :dizzy2:

      • Steveo1987 says:

        Hairstyles and/or tattoos.

  • Desert Spur says:

    How about an update of the Posh Spice-Ginola song? :-p

    • Fatfish says:

      Posh Spice ain’t a slapper,
      Well at least not for two months,
      And when she’s shagging Beckham,
      She calls Crouch a tall cunt.

  • seppoyiddo says:

    Just a loan. We need to clear out some bodies for spending money.

  • Steveo1987 says:

    Is he any good at getting his balls in a skip?

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