Come And Have Go If You Think Yer Hard Enough

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Afternoon all.

In this blogging game there is a relatively steady stream, occasionally a trickle of people trying to plug goods and services. The bulk of which aren’t much cop. Some may recall Sid Trotter’s gyrating and chanting Spurs doll falling apart with in minutes of switching it on. Well, that may have been a cry for help on the doll’s part, but you get my jist.

Well this lot got in touch and I think they might just be on to something. It’s called ‘Pick Live’.

It’s any ‘in play’ Fantasy Football Game, but unlike normal Fantasy games, it’s in bite size pieces lasting just 5 minutes. I’ve played it quite a bit and it’s addictive.

Here’s a DEMO Here’s a ‘How To Play’ GUIDE Here’s an explanation of the SCORING SYSTEM Here’s some Media GUFF.

I’ve conned them into giving you some credits to get started.

So give it a go HERE.

The Manchester United blog The Busby Way will be on line this afternoon.

Let’s smash’em up! BIOYMUC!

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