Enquiries Made For Top Notch Striker

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According to Roger Morgan on Spurs Odious.

The enquiries are from Sunderland and the striker is Crazypavinchenko.

This would tie in if you buy the domino theory of transfer rumours wot wiv Barron Arthur Dent’s desire to become Emile Heskey 2.0.

Is this cobblers? Who knows? But with 3MP seemingly unimpeachable from being Arry’s number one striker… I think Pav loves us and he’d be reluctant to stray.

Oh listen to me, I’m like a swooning schoolboy.


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  • bob says:

    Whilst I don’t think that Pav is Champions league striker he is better than Crouch. Can’t they just take Crouch instead. I’d offer him and give them the contents of Levy’s Money clip as a sweetener.

    The only thing this Dent deal does is inflate prices in the market. I knew that cnut would come back and haunt us, but not this way.

  • david says:

    I assume we are in for a slice of the Dent fee ?
    Anyone know how much ?

  • smokey says:

    u chat fuckin shit mate,go and get a bird or summink

  • Dutchman says:

    They will all look great with Benzema HH..;)

  • Edi says:

    They’re all as s**t as each other for different reasons. I feel that we need to shift one striker before we get one in. Keane is delaying things by being a d**khole with Birmingham. When you look at the immediate action taken when Bentley went, putting in a bid for Beckham, then Pienaar after it became apparent that Becks wasn’t to be.

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