‘He Wants To Come’ Says Arry

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What can I tell you?

Arry made another interesting post match comment yesterday. Saying, ‘he wants to come’ in relation to the Boy Beckham. Of course he followed it up with a hasty, ‘but we haven’t err …discussed it with anyone. There’s been no contact.’ Bless ‘im.

You can see Sir David pictured in a Spurs kit as a child HERE if that’s your thing.

Word on the street is that Jonathan Woodgate is being loaned out in order to find his feet. Whoever hid his feet in the first place might want to take a long hard look at themselves. The first choice was Leeds, but yesterday John Cross of the Mirror on Talksport said he understood it would be Cardiff.

Here are MOTD highlights from yesterday. TTFN!

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  • Dutchman says:

    Massterstroke by DL..Beck’s will put us on the Worldwide map in the blink of an eye..
    Also attracts other high-profile players, good example for our youngsters (heard he’s still doing the daily extra hours of training..), and real good to have him aboard in both AC-Milan fixtures..
    Onwards and upwards i’d say..;-)

    • Anthony In That Number says:

      Agree with all of that. We have to be realistic and recognise that in the modern game it is a huge business and the commercial spin offs of this deal are the key advantage. The heightened profile that getting Beckham to WHL would give is immeasurable. We of course have to be careful that the whole thing does not become a side show/circus but the media attention if handled correctly will broaden our appeal.That is where Harry comes in as he plays the media so very well. The other thing to remember is that it is only for 3 months, albeit he will be around at a crucial time of the season as we play Milan and hopefully keep pushing for the title & FA Cup. We do however desperately need a finisher and this should still be the main target for DL if he can do a deal for the right player at the right price . Still think we will get Pienaar from Everton at some stage for say £2million and possibly Lassana Diarra initially on loan. BUT who can we get to start taking the numerous chances we are wasting? Answers on a postcard but in the meantime I trust that DL and H will pull off a miracle deal (Benzema would be brilliant but Suarez, Forlan, Fabiano would all thrive with the service our midfield provides. Llorente I think will go to Real Madrid)…… COYS we are very very close to achieving something very speacial. As Harry said recently this Spurs squad does have a Championship in them and I agree!

      • Dutchman says:

        agree we still need a proper striker ofcourse..albeit the moaning of loads of our lot i’d still love to see Adebayor..Benzema will do as well..;-)

        • Anthony In That Number says:

          The striker situation is obviously the priority. Harry and DL both know it needs to be addressed. Adebayor will have to move from City, albeit would they sell to us? Other options are also difficult… Forlan is a bit old at 31, Fabiano rejected us twice, Suarez unproven outside Holland (remember Kezman and even Huntelaar to some extent?), Llorente likely to join Madrid, Benzema probably still needed at Madrid as Higuain out injured so the puzzle becomes ever more tricky. Having said all that I would be surprised if by the end of the window we are all NOT surprised by yet another deal concocted by DL and H. We shall see but a great time to be a Spur!

        • Billy Fiore says:

          If Harry was annoyed with Pav not putting in a shift, then Adebayor has no chance. Talent yes, when motivated, but far too volatile and potentially disruptive even for Harry’s liking, surely.

      • NN says:

        You could use the exact same argument to bring in Ronaldinio too. Plenty of other past their sell by date stars about too. Marvelous.

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Here’s Arry post match thanks to 101 HERE

  • Peter4Spurs says:

    The more I think about beck’s the more it comes across as a good idea, not so much on the field as what he can bring off the field to players like Lennon, Becks can help give him the edge in the crossing dept where his last ball and all round awareness is still lacking and he needs a teacher to show him what’s what … so it might not be a bad idea in that respect.

  • Spurlative says:

    But he is wearing goalkeeper gloves in the spurs kit… thats obviously where it all went wrong…

  • Sid Trotter says:

    Becks, pint of, nah, wifebeater for me

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