Highlights? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Highlights…[All 3 Goals]

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Here they is then…

I’m sure that highly esteemed contributor Fatfish won’t object to me sharing that which he very kindly shared on the previous blog.

“Just got back to hotel after game & beer today (more beer due shortly). Not read anyone else’s thoughts yet, but here are mine.

Deserved a point, but that’s all. Hutton woeful for the goal.

Daws & Gallas were rocks. Bassoon, OK considering not used to LB.

Lennon gave the ball away far too much & will never play a decent final ball. How can a premiership player get away with.  If he can’t do it now, never will.

Jenas. End of, I’ve lost patience with him now. How are we going to find out if Sandro is up to it if he doesn’t play?

Pienaar, did OK but I don’t he was used to the amount of movement that we play with, but will be fine. VdV. OK but frustrated & frustrating. Cut out the diving.

JD, offered himself but never really given too many chances except for the poor miss just before HT.

I’ve left Modders till last on purpose. If this guy doesn’t win player of the season, there is no justice. I don’t just mean for us, I mean PFA, football writers, Ballon D’or …next Pope?

The man is just unbelievable. There was one point in 1st half when he rode about 5 tackles retained possession & played a stunning ball to Pienaar. Even the Geordie bar stewards stood & applauded.

One other point. The Yid army totally out sung the Geordie boys. I was in amongst the Newcastle fans & the support from our fans was brilliant.”

Reports from the front-line like this are invaluable. :daumen:

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  • Disco Darren says:


  • Disco Darren says:

    Thanks for the highlights, it showed us in a better light than the Barcodes.
    Were they worse than us??

  • onedavemackay says:

    Nice one Fats.

    The point is (and has been this whole season) that we just aren’t scoring enough goals. When your leading scorer is on the left wing something is not quite right. OK Begbie should have done better but a more potent striker would have sorted that.

    We need a big top drawer fuck off striker if we are to get back in the top four.

    • Steveo1987 says:

      What we need striker wise is someone who is on the same wavelength as Modders, VDV etc. I think Defoe is the best of the bunch but he has had a lot of time out. If we don’t get someone else in we should just persevere with Defoe and not chop and change.

  • dpac73 says:

    Blazing Saddles “Badges?”

  • Dutchman says:

    Hutton gets skinned far too easily..His positioning makes me wanna cry..Charlie RB!
    Jenas lost o so much possesion today..(same ol’)
    Crouch and JD were disgraceful..(some things….)
    Overall : If Rafa doesn’t have the best of days(must admit he got kicked A LOT), the team doesn’t get the spark to get the game going..

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