Phil Neville, Then…

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Spurs might have run out of ideas.

Wasn’t there something in the bible about not coveting thy neighbour’s ox? Oh I don’t know. Roger Morgan an ITK on Spurs Odyssey has announced that we are interested in the Everton right back Phil Neville.

The only thing I can think is that Arry is deluded in believing that Levy & Co would sanction a big money buy for a position we already have two relatively unsellable candidates for.

The thought of any Neville in a Spurs shirt makes me recoil, but are these words of our glorious leader in any way an explanation?

“I still feel at times we lack leadership and that has been a big concern for me every since I have been here.

I feel we need one or two more out there who are a bit more vocal and have that will when things are going against you to make sure you don’t get beaten.

They’re difficult to find. I’ve said that to the chairman loads of times. It might not be a superstar player you sign but someone who brings that quality.”

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