Pienaar Is A Yid!

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So say the Grauniad.

So if it doesn’t come off we don’t have to lump him onto the already burdening pile of ‘done deals’ I called that never happened.

“Athletico Straford (t/a Enfield Prestige Motors Ltd [a sub division of THFC Inc])have agreed a deal in principle with Steven Pienaar, having beaten off competition from Internazionale and Atlético Madrid with a contract worth £70,000 a week over four years.

It is unclear, however, whether the north London club will pay around £2m to Everton this month to push the transfer through or wait until the summer when the South African midfielder would be available as a Bosman free agent.”

So the summer it is then.


What say you? The possibility of Pienaar in a Spurs shirt doesn’t really get me going. If we could realistically nick anyone I’d have Neville. Or if it didn’t have to be an Evertonian, Lionel Messi.


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  • bdog4037 says:

    messi would be nice

  • Horny Helen says:

    Does not get me wet in the slightest, well eprhaps a tiny bit of spotting. HHXX

  • frank says:

    Thought Benzema was a done deal

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Frank, have you applied for a full refund?

      • Bobbles says:

        Smart replies are the usual M.O. of course, but you must remember that the weak minded are often inclined to believe this tripe.

      • Frank says:

        No, because I didnt buy it

        • emspurs says:

          da dum dum

          he’s got you there harry hotspur. see, he’s making a pun on the two meanings of the word buy. you said something and then he’s turned it right back on you with a clever little pun. he’s got you harry hotspur he’s got you.

  • AS says:

    I know where we can get the £2m from to buy him now.

    If we sell Bentley for the £15m we paid for him we can use £2m of that and still have £13m left over for more players.

    Brilliant eh?

    Don’t know why we have not done it already.

    • Astromesmo says:

      Can I introduce you to my bank manager old chap? You might be able to explain my last set of accounts to him!

      Pienaar is good stock, will work well amongst the smattering of bright things and swashbucklers of derring-do Hotspur. Worth £2m on the nose just to work out where the bloody hell he’s going to play.

      Taxi for… Errr, someone?

  • hoopspur says:

    That’s what happens when you get rid of your Bentley I suppose! The boy is a reasonable footballer and can cover right across the midfield. But he ‘aint no Messi…

    Mind you he was Everton’s footballer of the year, but that’s not saying much.

    Anyways, ssshhh, but I’m with you about Neville. Not many of us out there!

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