Spurs Officially The 5th Biggest Premiership Side

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Whilst randomly pressing buttons on the Barclays Premiership Fantasy Football website …it became evident that there was some almost interesting information there.

In the absence of a formal census, the figures you can pull out give a snapshot of support levels across the top flight teams. Now obviously this isn’t exactly the word of God. But it is the word of over 2 million people who when asked told the site who they supported.

The limitations are obvious. They don’t include the fans who don’t play this particular fantasy game nor those fans who’s support is undying, but they are too thick/impoverished/generally disinterested in the Internet.

Man Utd 605,562

Liverpool 407,547

Arsenal 309,053

Chelsea 207,761

Tottenham 119,606

Man City 63,846

Newcastle 58,665

Everton 52,166

Aston Villa 49,774

West Ham 44,502

Sunderland 19,917

Fulham 18,196

Blackburn 17,286

Blackpool 17,243

Wolves 17,155

Birmingham 13,379

Stoke City 12,185

Bolton 12,175

West Brom 8,854

Wigan 6,946

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  • Kash says:

    First…… to say..we dont need Becks.

  • CyprusYid says:

    On the subject of number of supporters in the UK, I read somewhere that we were in third place, after ManU and L/pool with 1,065,000. Now where is my Parka?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      You win a flask of milky tea.*

      (*Terms & conditions apply. Item may take an eternity to arrive. Contents may have evaporated in transit).

  • gog says:

    I’d be really surprised if Spurs actually had less support than Chelsea.

  • gez says:

    The other flaw in the measurements is that Bolton and Wigan are both in the bottom three but this could be related to the fact that there is only one computer per 20,000 people in these two medieval towns. Wigan actually flags as a spelling mistake in this text editor.

    “Studies have shown that 85% of statistics are made up on the spot”

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Interesting stuff. Word is that Beckham engineered this whole shebang and he rang Jamie to see if it was a goer :wassat:

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