Spurs Set To Sign £14M Striker

Super Crazypavinchenko is widely expected to renew his wedding vows to Tottingham Hotspurs in a small private ceremony.

The relationship has been a sometimes rocky one, but the his agent Oleg Artemov said, “The renewal for Roman is very close. There is now an offer firmly on the table.

“We need to study it in detail but he wants to stay at Tottenham and all this will be solved soon.

“He received offers to return to Russia but he’s happy in England.”


  1. Forgot about this website but managed to get here via newsnow.
    Have now been reminded what a pointless site it actually is and what a Cock Harry Hotspur is too.

      1. Harry – do you really think people enjoy reading your shit articles? My 6 year old child thinks your posts are sad and pathetic! No-one likes you and I’m ashamed to have you associated with my club! Please go away – forever!

        1. Dude I’m ashamed to have you associated with my club. At least Harry is doing something of use to the spurs community. Stop being a little bitch

  2. I read somewhere that West Ham would knock down some of the OS if they get it. Anyone know how much comapred to our total rebuild?

    1. The roof & upper tier are both temporary structures. There are no executive boxes or toilets inside the stadium, so all of that will need to be added.

      Their redevelopment is so much cheaper as the required rebuild will be out of the porn barons spunk mixed with the crusty gussett of Brady’s knickers.

        1. I read they will demolish 70% in one of the daily newspapers. Cannot remember which one.
          Apparently, all the toilets and catering facilities are outside the stadium.
          Sounds like great planning.

  3. I’m getting bored of your blatantly traffic-driving headlines Harry. Since you jumped ship from Ole Ole you’ve sold out bigtime. Consider yourself blocked from NewsNow; henceforth you shall never darken my screen again. Arriverdici.

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