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Manchester United indoors is one of those ones that inspires anxiety and blind hope in equal amounts.

It’s difficult to recall in recent times when we were better placed to give these bar stewards a going over. Unless of course you want to imagine a future occasion when we’d be able to field the boy Bale against them.

Raging Kaboul In A Chinashop returns from his non event head butt ban but I’d prefer to field Gallas. A&E, Sir Les and Generalissimo Begbie would make up the four. Of all the concerns I could have it’s the cold fear of conceding a penalty that niggles at me.

Younes and Benoît both have form for committing acts of daftness and the wide eyed, pleading to the Ref routine only serves to make me less understanding. Let’s hope Arry shows the challenge on Berbatov last week to the lads repeatedly until they get the message.

A midfield of VdV and Modders will provide the creativity. It’s anyone’s guess if Sgt Wilson will provide the bullish bite required to prevent us looking shorthanded when they break. Azza Blud on the wing and let’s hope he has an out and out flyer.

I’m fed up with 3MP. And this is unlikely to be a game that will yield dozens of chances. So when we get the ball I’d like to pass it to one of our strikers and not turn it into a 50/50 ball by hoofing it at his head. Or a few inches over his head.

Defoe and Crazingpavin’ for me and Crouch from the bench to ‘unlock’ them if all else fails. Defoe was pretty unforgiving in the Cup, but he’ll need to think about sharing the ball with Pav here because we ain’t playing Stevenage this afternoon.


I fully expect Sluralix play Wazza and The Rat Faced Baldgarian. Evra was supposedly removed from the training pitch by golf buggy today.  That strikes me as some class of idiotic mind game (Christ! They’ve got golf buggies!) rather than a consideration to factor in. I expect him to start.

Scholes on the bench and Giggs to continue with his depressingly good twilight form.

I opened up whining about penalties yet to be conceded and I’ll close on fretting over Mike Dean’s ability to do a decent job and not let this be another one of ‘those games’ where we keep playing until United get the result they want.

So where’s the value?

United to lead at half time, full time the draw is 12/1. Pav to score anytime in a 2-2 draw is 18/1. Van der Vaart to score first an Spurs go in at half time 1-0 up is 13/1 all at Bet365 who’ll double any deposit you make up to £200 when you click dis >

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  • amerispurs says:

    yeah! let’s do ’em one. got a sneaky feeling about this one. vdv with a pen winner? what’s my line with that one?

  • Jerard says:

    My team:






  • Lee says:


    Charlie Daws Gallas BAE

    Lennon Jenas Modric Bale

    VDV Crouch

  • LodgeSpur says:

    It’s all about the individual battles today. I think this is our best chance at beating them in years, we are on the level playing field, we can match man for man…..pace, creativity, experience…..just believe it lads!
    It’s going to be end to end, i can see a red card & plenty of bookings, i want blood, red devil blood & a few scalps to go with it, i want to see pride, i want to see power, i want to see this title busted wide open come 6pm tonight. It our time to stand up, with a massive smirk on our faces & stay ‘jog on’ to all those f**king Mancs twats.
    Also Harry play the BALL ON THE FLOOR!


    Kaboom Daws Billy A&E
    Lennon Modders Bale

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