Arry Scouts Monitoring Swedish International

Word on the street is that the player will either go to Olympique Marseille or rock up at The Lane when his contract expires in June.

Oscar Wendt is 25 years of age and a left back and we have had people watching him very recently I am assured.

Not the stuff to spark school hysterics as a solution to our Jerry Cottle striker situation. But if we did land him it would certainly be one of those intelligent, shoring up the squad for campaigns on many fronts type signings.

And at the rate we’re gifting penalties these days, it’s not as though we have a surfeit of defenders.


  1. Not sure we badly need one. Benni has been one of our most consistent performers this season, must surely be up there with Bale, Modders and VdV. He has lapses but no more than any other of our defenders this season.

  2. Well, to be fair perrymann, I think we badly neen one as well.

    And remember, the neens of the many outweigh the neens of the few. By about a stone and a half.

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