Arsenal’s Humiliation Is …Complete

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The list of valid excuses were endless from Auntie Wenger in the after match interview.’Eeeet was a very physical game.’ The Arsenal coach said. He looked as uncomfortable as his charges as they embarked upon the climb of shame to receive their medals.

Okay. And for those of us who actually watched the match you’re talking cobblers you big delusional French oaf.

There were no excuses whatsoever. Arsenal Football Club were yet again revealed as incompetent. Arsenal Football Club were yet again revealed as pretenders.

Arsenal had a pitch that was supposedly ‘ideal’  – according to the sainted Ray Parlour – yet they were revealed as unable to beat ‘Birmingham’ on it. Brilliant.

Beaten not by a top flight team, but by a shower of …  relegation dodgers …you tell me.

Love it.

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  • melcyid says:

    whoo whooo brap brap scum lose and me first wot aday to is the beginning of my life

    • yozza66 says:

      and how did Spurs get on against Blackpool in the week?oh and where are you in the EPL?oh and where are you in the FA cup?losers!

      • DD says:

        EPL- it’s the Premiership or Premier League. Just giving away the nature of your local support.
        I would prefer to lose to Blackpool any day of the week over anyone else in the league.

      • THFC Dave says:

        To pistolpete as well.

        You poor old goons! Three years ago this cup when the Mighty Spurs won it was just a “Mickey Mouse cup”. Now you lot are crowing about how you made the final of it, (and of course got beat!!!!).

        Just in case you had forgotten, the last two games Tottenham and ar5eni1 played in the Premier League have resulted in two wins for The Mighty Spurs!!!! I think this just shows how far down you sad bunch of hypocrates have sunk. In fact if you ask most neutrals, they all agree that ar5eni1 as a team they quite like, its the saddo “fans” that they cannot stand. What was it on TalkSport today from you lot, “wenger out!!!” Oh, please. How fickle!!!!

  • pistolpete says:

    And what does that say for the tottering totties who Arsenal STUFFED 4-1, not alot and look how far you are behind in the league IF you can see that far in front.

    • seattlespursguy says:

      You mean that reserve side we ran out who took your much, much better 1st teamers (so you say) into extra time?

      Not that I’d make excuses like that. Much more the M.O. of you lot of bottle jobs.

    • col says:

      yaaaaaaargh you total bellend and the mighty brum made you look really average lol,oh the wait goes on at the emirates for a trophy,just think you could have saved a few grand by not having a trophy cabinet built as you aint won fuck all to put in it.Hahahahahahahahahaha if you want to see a new cup at the Emirates look in the canteen hahahahahahahaha.If you could read Fabregas mind today it said fuck this i,m off to Barcelona.

    • Ray says:

      What was the score at the library earlier in the season you twat?

  • emk says:

    Laugh all you want, true class will prefail and that will be the gunners not spurs…

    • seattlespursguy says:

      I agree. You lot “prefail” before you take the pitch. Idiot.

    • maturespur says:

      emk, to quote you “true class will prefail and that………..” pre FAIL is what you did. Just to assist in your education “prevail” is maybe what you meant! Come on you Spurs!!!!!!!

      • emk says:

        I’m glad you had a good “education” but as english isn’t my first language and I’ve had to drown myself in some amounts of alcohol to get over this very sad loss… prevail it will be…

        • col says:

          English is,nt your first language?,an Ar5enal supporter who is,nt English now thats hardly unusual is it?.Ar5enal were once upon a time an English club alas no more.Still even more enjoyable seeing a foreign club and foreign supporters given a whupping by an English team and playing English up and at them football.Arsene and Pat Rices face at the end was a picture ….priceless.

        • maturespur says:

          emk, respect your respone, but I must reserve my “right” as a “Yid” to knock you at every opportunity!!!!

        • DBs Knees says:

          Col – stop being a dick. Funnily enough the Premiership is a global sport and WOW BELIEVE IT OR NOT – Spurs have foreign fans too! And JEEZ – WE HAVE FOREIGN PLAYERS TOO??? And I thought ‘Luke Modders’ was from Hackney?!

          Your point is a shit one and dripping with jingoism. The BNP will be round shortly, I wager, if they’ve not already sipped from your china…

    • LosLorenzo says:


      Pretty well describes what happens to a budding aquaintance when a person reveals to me that they are a gooner.

    • col says:

      I think you mean prevail or perhaps you did mean pre-fail as you seem to prepare to fail quite often,still look on the bright side Birmingham are a class above Swindon town and Luton town who tucked you up in previous finals

    • DD says:

      No more trophies for you

  • pete says:

    typical spud, having to revel in other teams misery…usually because your fucking excuse for a team are no where or win fuck all at the end of the season, which will be this years outcome too. I’ll pop back to this website when Milan fuck you all over the pitch in the return leg….mind you 6th or 7th this year will be a good finish for you. Europa league football for you next year. and when stutter fucks off o take the england job, you can always ask Christian gross back, i hear he’s looking for work. idiot!

    • Paul says:

      More like typical gooner – bitter and twisted as usual. What happened to the ‘Mickey Mouse’ Cup of recent history when Spurs got to two finals – not important then…… not important now you’ve lost to a team fighting relegation. But you epitomise exactly what we all come to expect – deluded and trophyless.

    • col says:

      Sore loser alert sore loser alert sore loser alert gooners crying in their beer hahahahahahahahaha.

    • Ray says:

      Hey Pete, I’ll just simply say, you’ll win fuck all again.

    • frontwheel says:

      pete moaning twats like you make it even sweeter

    • Essexian76 says:

      Het C’mon Pete, how about this then Why did you end up playing Barca when Platini gave you a series of byes with practice?, and you still only got second place!. Were you not 2-0, 4-0 up and still balls it up? Arrogant & gutless are your traits, much reflective of your manager, still only 3 more to go!

  • Screechy says:

    And you’re still in the Arse’s shadow. Where does that leave you?

    • GrimesYID says:

      Same place as you…trophyless but only in the last 3 years rather than 6.
      How can we be in your shadow if you have wone diddly squat and we are both in the Champs League still…..have put up with years of Goons abuse and yet you lot can’t take it when its given back…that really does surprise me!!

    • Ray says:

      Hey Screechy, What goes around comes around, in years gone bye the Arse were in our shadow when Spurs fucked all before them, now you know and feel what it’s like to lose, you tosser. You’ll win **** all again.

    • Essexian76 says:

      If the facts don’t hit home then use history eh?, shabby, shabby shabby, still at least we know why you’re a Goon then?

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