Date: 27th February 2011 at 7:05pm
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The list of valid excuses were endless from Auntie Wenger in the after match interview.’Eeeet was a very physical game.’ The coach said. He looked as uncomfortable as his charges as they embarked upon the climb of shame to receive their medals.

Okay. And for those of us who actually watched the match you’re talking cobblers you big delusional French oaf.

There were no excuses whatsoever. Football Club were yet again revealed as incompetent. Arsenal Football Club were yet again revealed as pretenders.

had a pitch that was supposedly ‘ideal’  – according to the sainted Ray Parlour – yet they were revealed as unable to beat ‘Birmingham’ on it. Brilliant.

Beaten not by a top flight team, but by a shower of …  relegation dodgers …you tell me.

Love it.