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I’m not some tax exile living in the Bahamas, who never watches a football match, doing it for a huge, personal financial gain, as is the case with the Spurs owner.

I’m a Porn Baron who at the age of 21 made money by producing porn pictures weekly and selling sheets of photos by mail order. Those were the days, £800 on a good week.

The motive of myself and my partner David Gold is to give something back to the community we came from and are still a part of.

Me & Dave are sporting evangelists. It ain’t all about tarts waving their growlers about, not at all . We want to break the pricing cartel that monopolizes sport. It’s too expensive for ordinary people. Having made football so dire the tickets are only worth a quid, we feel athletics is the obvious next step.

The Olympic Stadium will motivate and regenerate East London and Essex. We are proud to use our money to be a part of it. It works for West Ham United and all of London.

When we say our money, of course we mean ‘we’ as in all of us, the… proud indigenous peoples of these islands. And the council’s.

Daniel Levy’s sole argument seems to be that, in his opinion, the stadium won’t work with West Ham United as the tenants. We beg to differ. What we know won’t work is having a north London club having a stadium in the Borough where we have been for over 100 years. It doesn’t feel right, as it isn’t right. Any right-minded person would agree with us.

This might be skint rush job but if we keep focusing on outdated ‘you’re on my manor’ guff hopefully nobody will notice.

If you believe in something, you will work harder and for longer to make it a success. You have to care. Lord Coe cares. He was emotional and full of sentiment when delivering the Olympic legacy promise which resulted in us winning the 2012 Games, against the odds. He cares as much as us about honouring that promise.

And we’ll latch onto anyone to make this happen. I’d happily be photographed kissing Rose West if it came to it.

Demolishing a feat of engineering and expertise that cost half-a-billion pounds and then knocking up a plain football ground in its place is about as cold and clinical as it gets. And, by the way, doesn’t make financial sense.

No, it doesn’t make sense. Because you made it up. The facts are that 80% of the original structure will remain and the other 20% being executed in a recycling exercise, with zero landfill.

‘No wonder those who propose that option want the emotion stripped away and instead are choosing to patronise the tens of thousands* of loyal Hammers fans who know a thing or two about atmosphere.

Yes no one can rival the truly unique atmosphere of Hammers fans. Ask any of the women and children who had to flee as they enjoyed a good punch up in the Birmingham City car park recently.

We will be able to answer their desire for affordable tickets and better access at a world-class stadium that is fitting for a club that produced three World Cup winners. The fact we will be staying in our Borough to do so just makes the case even more compelling.

Staying in their borough, but nailed on to moved to a different league come the end of the season.

After £90 million of conversion, we’ll have great sightlines – no seat will have a worse view of the pitch than Wembley Stadium – and a new roof designed to create intimacy. I have no doubt that this stadium will succeed.

That’s a relief.  I could have sworn there wasn’t a running track at Wembley, but if you say there is, I believe you.

*made up number

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  • summerspur says:

    statford is ours, stratford is ooours,
    cos to get home from tottenham, takes me 2 hours

  • tom says:

    sorry but you sound like a puppet of the levy machine?? this is a very poor blog where you seem a little bit too obsessed with how they have made there money?? your going too look very silly come friday when they announce west ham…but in case they do vote you..good luck

    • toddspur says:

      Why you on it then?

      You could always erm………fuck off maybe?

      • FS says:

        got to state when a blog is shit though, you should get some poor comments if you deserve them…and you do

      • tom says:

        nice intelligent reply there….pretty sure the reason for this site is so people can put up their views…it seems asd that you have too make your fellow spurs fans look like neanderthals with your retarded reply…as i said I didn’t like the blog in particular, but i better not say too much in case toddspur has another baby!!

        • LosLorenzo says:

          I’m pretty sure the reason for you is to make the rest of us look good.

          Also, for someone who so consistently dislikes HH’s blog entries you have an uncanny knack for being among the first to post. Why don’t you spend more time on blogs that you do enjoy. Or… What Toddspur said.

    • Spurstacus says:

      Puppets dont make sounds. No voices as they are only puppets.

  • cb says:

    The epl? Easier to get home???

    Unlike u I’m real spurs fan from b4 sky etc

    – want west ham to win as I don’t want to crap all over the tradition of our club in order to save half hour on gettin home

    Levy should be strung up for what he’s trying to do to us

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Yes string some sense into him. Next thing you know he’ll be wanting more CL football. The bar steward.

      • cb says:

        So find a site in nortrh london

        All the years we’ve looked down on them cos of where they are an now we’re off to join them

        And for those think travel be easier, there a bluewater size shopping centre goin up next to the stadium

        It will be a nightmare with all those goin there too at same time

        • cb says:

          Don’t know if anyone else has been there but the new international station has precisly two entrances about 10 foot across

          Doesn’t maatter how many trains pull in, cues will be enormous to get in the station

      • cb says:

        Oh and I’m not sure if u noticed but we already have champions legue football

        Maybe we should rename oirselves stratford olympic and sell the naming rights?

        We could get ven moree cl football then

        Does tradition mean nothing?

        If so the club I love is dead already

  • Anthony In That Number says:

    I like the bit about affordable tickets. Tickets will be cheaper because WHAM will probably be playing in the Chamionship not the Champions League. The bottom line is only the bid from AEG/Spurs actually stacks up financially and has a long term viability. The WHAM bid even with support from Newham and assuming they can remain in the EPL will turn the OS into the white elephant that so many Olympic stadia have become.
    Just cannot see them filling 60000 seats regularly.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      They can’t even sell some of their tickets in their current cow shed at full price. The only waiting list they have is people needing their electric put back on…

      • Hammer says:

        I like this arrogance from Tottenham fans, it warms my soul to see Harry hotspur venting pure drivel like this!

        One club is in the Champions League, has had one of their best seasons for a long time and over the last twenty years has one one trophy… the Carling cup! The other club has been relegated a few times and has probably had the worst 20 years of football in their history!

        However, our average attendance has remained around 33,000, and our away support has been one of the stongest in the Prem.

        So imagine if we get the stadium and produce a winning side like Tottenham………Our support would piss all over that 60,000 and that’s why your Chairman is wetting his knickers at the prospect of us getting this stadium!

        Fucking makes me laugh no end when I think of Levy and you spurs supporters talking about your loyal supporters!!! It was only a few years ago when you were having a dreadful season and all of a sudden 5,000 supporters dissapeared over night!!

    • Gary says:

      Leyton Orient will have a better chance of survival if Tottenham get the OS, as WHAM’s proposal of cheaper tickets will kill them off.

  • toddspur says:

    I wonder how many Spurs fans contribute to the Spammers blog sites

    Very few I doubt; why would you?

    Welcome to ours though; its a right frolick in here

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