Highlights? We Don’t Need No… Oh Hang On, Maybe We Do…

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Put your ear to your machine and the sound you hear is me getting back into my box.

The came, they scored, they went home again. I really felt we were going to blow it. You know, a bit windy, a bit nippy. A bit not quite us.

I didn’t see any more than the highlights. I was toying with going, but I wouldn’t want to tar myself with the ‘real fan’ brush and so lose street cred with the bulk of my readers who are either house bound or incarcerated (Hey, easy there – just sharing some of the emails I get ).

So 3 points and my best wishes to ol’ Modders on his tummy tribulations. Here’s the MOTD highlights.

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  • Gilzeans Comb Over says:

    Close but we got the points ‘phew’….Great blog HH as always..

  • Anthony In That Number says:

    A good win. Thought VdV, was v good, Gallas excellent and Gomes outstanding. On the negatives Sarge was his usual sublime and ridiculous all in the same piece of action and sadly thought JD looked completely out of sorts. We need him to start firing . If he can get his sharpness back it could be the difference between us and ManCity for 4th. Just need to grind out a result on Saturday and then hope we can get some of the casualties back for Sunderland then Meeeeeelan.

    What is it with Ledley ? Lost his passport so it puts the op back another week.

    Great to see Woody back in the squad yesterday and just hope we can get him back properly fit soon. Just wish him all the best as it must have been a close call for him whether to call it a day
    Not many better Centre Halves than him anywhere if he can get himself right.

    • Astromesmo says:

      A firing JD but more importantly, a fit Woody would do us no harm at all in the run-in. Him & Billy at the back would be the stuff of a lot of ‘0’s’ in the Spurs column… Then it’s just up to the remnants of the strike force to do their thing.

      Have those insufferable swine’s gone and given us hope again?

      Damn them! Damn them one and all! It’s only the start of Feb and my nerves are frayed like an old pair of lacy knickers.

      Why did I follow Spurs? I could have had such an easy life…

  • forhodssake says:

    Vdv played beautifully at times last night – a joy to watch and (sadly) head and shoulders above the rest. Wilson and Bassong did their best to make things interesteing/add some comedy but overall I thought we were comfortable – we had miles more of the possession. Corluka looked like a real defender with a bit of nous, Gallas was very composed (needed to be alongside Basson) and BAE had a good game too. Gomes produced a good number of saves, most of which were pretty routine but still managed to leave me feeling slightly nervous.

  • Longwell says:

    Getting outplayed again and winning again. If it’s good enough for United…

    • Jazz15c says:

      Couldn’t agree more, I’ll take a load more of these thanks!

      A thread-bare squad (2 keepers on the bench ffs!), a dodgy lil away fixture up north on a wet and windy Wednesday in early Feb, no chance!

      And yet…

      Plenty of character in that display, Gomes was outstanding (Grobelaar’s love-child…flashes of genius interspersed with moments of utter lunacy!). What it did was highlight the strength of our squad, getting 3 points (albeit a backs to the wall job) against an improving Blackburn RFC was a fine statement.

      I’m still confident that we will finish above Citeh, always have been.


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