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Not exactly a well kept secret but time to don the Kevlar and fix bayonets.  A combination of  events have prompted me to blab and tell all…

Levy’s candid appearance on Talksport. Like it or not the guy speaks sense and gives me every impression he’s steering the ship in the best direction. Some will accuse me of  being a suck up,  but his is a path paved in common sense.

Yes it’s a little chilling in that a sacred spiritual home will probably end up as a combination of launderettes, bingo halls and most ironically of all …a car park. But who’s fault is this?If it’s THFC’s then they are guilty of having ambition.

I’ll be blunt here, I don’t care for the bulk of those demanding to stay and slug it out with the Haringey natives. Is it mediocrity that really binds us together? Is really our rallying call that it’s a hole, but it’s our hole. Is that a sane platform? Not in my name, mush.

Readers who have opted to inflict my nonsense upon themselves for a while might know that one thing that really gets my goat is talk of being ‘a real fan’ or a ‘true fan’. What the hell does that mean? Is there a chart somewhere that works out just where you sit in the foodchain?

If so, who devised this device, a ten year old? Season ticket holders, those who travel home and away. Those can provided documents to support they are at least the eigth generation of support in there family? Extra kudos to those who turn up to games attached to kidney dialysis machines? A what point do you get admitted to the inner sanctum?

To quote a recently unemployed man, do me a favour love.

The disinformation war has raged alright, but more like a jalopy that’s been burnt out by kids than a city being raised. What I find depressing is the cocktail of garbage Tottenham fans are being spoon-fed in sustainable doses by both the Anti Stratford Mob and the West Ham lobby.

The  high handed litany of Brady is cringe-worthy. Process, Legacy, Delivery and any other words you can corrupt or at least manipulate to gloss over a collapsing, shoddy, cheapskate, half cocked plan that stinks of desperation.

The bulk of the stadium will be recycled with zero landfill. There will not be a ridiculous running track around any Spurs’ pitch.

The Anti Stratford Mob are about as literate in their argument as dumb mother who when questioned by her child issues a simultaneous ‘Because I said not!’ and slap to the back of the legs. There is a lack of articulation in the Anti Mob’s argument is my point.

I’d hear them out if they had more to offer than a mob mentality rant intertwined with the threat of my treasured footballing memories being plundered by Droogs threatening to bring Billy Nick back to life so he can work as a table cleaner in a MacDonalds. My memories are securely locked up and no amount of bullying will sway me.

I’ve made this comment before and I’ll continue to make it. The relationship between THFC and the local community in Haringey could have been symbiotic. It could have been a focal point – that the Council worked in partnership with to enhance the area.

But no. This never happened. White Hart Lane didn’t fall out the sky last Thursday. For donkeys years Haringey has had this commercial diamond in the rough on it’s doorstep. What has it done to increase it’s value to the borough? What support has David ‘Commuter’ Clammy  ever given to this business? What advances have been made in transport links? None. Nothing. Nichts. Nada.

A relationship where one party solely feeds off the other is a parasitic one.

All this talk of being part of the Haringey community actually makes me quite sad.  I and the overwhelming bulk of supporters attending home games travel in excess of 35 miles to walk past Haringey folk occasionally stopping to buy a pint or a box of  Unlucky Fried Kitten.

It makes me sad because these poor locals have had an opportunity missed on their behalf, an asset so badly mismanaged they’ll be left with nothing at all. This is a community betrayed. Long before Levy & Co started weighing up their options. So don’t wave a bed-sheet at me on the High Roadand tell me you’re Room Service.

So what of the NDP? It won’t happen. I said to old Unc Norman Giller, a devout NDP supporter recently that maybe I was doing Haringey Council and all the locals with vested interests a shocking disservice. Maybe they don’t have their hands out for more money.

Maybe they’re just checking to see if it’s raining.

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  • dRb says:


    I have no real preference any more – I would like to stay at WHL if we can, but if not then bring on Stratford and a season ticket.

  • tom says:

    wow!! are you calling your own fans idiots cause they wanna remain tottenham? cause if you move too east london you might still have tottenham on your logo’s but your be the only people who still use that name,,, stratford hotspur anyone?? an i guess your have too take out north london from your songs?? and if you ever win a cup i guess your just parade it in??? well?? do feel sorry for the genuine fans who realise if they get this move they will be the butt of every football joke for many many years too come…oh yea blue is the colour

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      If I wanted to call someone an idiot I would do so. Try reading what I wrote.


      • tom says:

        err…”the anti stratford mob are about as literate as a dumb mother” ok you didn’t call them idiots you called them thicko’s an im sorry if i tried too shorten what you said but im sure thats what you for calling me an idiot you can call me what you like i wasn’t trying too get in a argument with you an will not respond too petty name calling although i will admit too being disappointed as i thought you might be a little bit more mature in your response

    • Ray says:

      tom, what Spurs do is their business and no one else’s,so bugger off to your little hole.
      Perhaps the Russian will move on to pastures new when he is fed up with his little toy and where will little chelski be then. I suspect back behind the other London clubs where they came from.
      Should Spurs get the Stratford site and build their super ground, all the others will look on with envy and I also feel that the Spurs fans against the move are fearful of the backlash and taunts from opposition fans. I say fuck em. None of us really want to leave WHL but if it’s a more viable option to do so then we really have no choice. Wont quite feel the same though.

      • tom says:

        ok i give up….good luck stratford hotspur i hope you get your new shiny stadium in east london and i hope it brings you all the sucsess you obviously feel you are a due…just hope you dont lose hey cause a lot of you have nailed your colurs too the mast already which is f##k tottenham they are asking too much money and my billonaire boss wants too save 200mil for the exstension work on his yacht he lives on while paying no taxes in the carribean…an yea roman has brought us trophy’s but he has never tried too sell our souls for the sake of saving some money

  • dRb says:

    With the money we save by moving to Stratford, can we buy West Spam, sell everything off and turn their shitty ground into a car park with a bus service to our nice new stadium?

    Would cut down on the ‘on their patch’ bollocks anyway…

  • Neil Stevens says:

    Harry, you should remove the “Hotspur” from your name after that blg mate…

  • gary cooper says:

    Very well put, lets hope the politacions see sense

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