Meet The Team To Replace Keys & Gray

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Good afternoon.

I trust everyone’s vocal chords, hangovers and rigor mortis like smiles are all gradually easing and you’re letting it finally sink in that we’re pretty damn good at playing football. Again. At long last.

This is made me chuckle and so being the wonderful human being I am I thought I’d share it with you bar stewards. It’s off the Italian telly from last night. I haven’t a clue what they’re actually saying but by the same token I know exactly what they mean.


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  • bob says:

    cracking stuff but did jji not share this with us on the last blog?

    I assume if they are taking over from Gray the literal translation is “ere presenter lady. I am kneeling on the floor for a reason, come here”

  • bob says:

    Sadly I think we may have some crowd issues on the return leg. Certainly if the behaviour of the club captain, it’s owner (and indeed PM of Italy) and is setting the standards.

    Still think we’ll win but knowing us we@ll concede in the first 5 mins and have to do it the hard way.

  • jji says:

    i think i did share this one on the last blog but not to worry. the more people that see it the better as far as i’m concerned. nice to see the hubris of meelan getting its just deserts, not to mention that flabby brady-botherer martin samuel.

    i really don’t want to spoil the party but it would be crushing if we succumbed to the same fate. we mustn’t for a moment think that we’re through yet though. it’s going to take an equally determined performance at home to see us through.

    though happily, for the first time i can remember, i am genuinely confident our boys can do the business on the return leg.

  • LosLorenzo says:

    And DML has posted it as well… I don’t care, I’m not watching it again. Not funny to laugh at the expense of the emotionally imbalanced.

    • J says:

      No idea what they are talking bout but the hairy dwarf booting that security guard makes him look like a rich bully with smallmans disease.

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