Modder’s Appendix Out – 6 Others With Gout

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Good morning fight fans, Blackburn away it is then.

I’m not a stat man. But I do like the occasional bet and so like to kid myself I have vague grasp of form. I wish I didn’t. Blackburn have won 4 of their last 6  home games and Spurs by contrast have won only 2 of their last 6 away games.

The most obvious problem is that Arry has more men out than Arthur Scargill. There’s a mental rumour doing the rounds that Modder’s has had his appendix out. On top of Awesome Dawson’s ban; Woodgate, King, Kaboul, Bale, Huddlestone and Palacios all victims to seasonal gout disorder.

The team sheet therefore picks itself and it doesn’t make for very pretty reading.

This is a game where those men left standing could distinguish themselves. They absolutely could. But footballers don’t come much more fragile than Tottenham ones trudging up north on a Wednesday night after a drubbing.

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  • jim says:

    no doubt we will lose tonight and all the morons will come out of the woodork complaining

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      In fairness mate, it would be nice if the players we do have left ‘stepped up to the plate’ – so to speak – Fulham was beyond depressing.

    • JOHN ADAM says:

      Why are we so unlucky and yet we have such a good squad. There seems to be a jynx about my beloved Spurs. So many unfortunate things happen to us all the time.. We have been robbed of goals (the one at Old Trafford a few years ago being the most prominent), we have had players red-carded harshly and unjustly, we have had goals conceded(such as the one scored by Nani rather mischievously) in the most bizarre manner, we have failed to beat West Ham a few years ago because of this food-poisoning incident which would have put us into the fourth position ahead of Arsenal, we are now suffering from far too many players getting injured or suspended and so many other misfortunes… Why? Why?
      I still have a ray of hope that things might get better for us during the remaining part of this season. Fingers crossed. “To dare is to do”..

  • Anthony In That Number says:

    A line up of the following looks like just about all we have available then….


    Charlie Gallas or Woody Basssssooooon Ben

    Len JJ (I had hoped Sarge) VdV Pinot Noir

    Pav JD

    Think the midfield looks flimsey without Sarge but
    the only other option is Sandro and he does not look ready imo. Harry might opt for JJ, Sandro in the middle and VdV behind Crouch or JD.

    The other problem is lack of height at defending set plays. Blackburn have very good aerial threats especially Samba.

    We shall see but sense we need to dig deep in what is yet another must win if we are hang onto any Top 5 even Top 5 aspirations.

    Prefer Charlie at RB, just need him to be steady and assured. Everything Hutton is not imo.We need Len to step up, he was brilliant at WHL against this opposition so heres hoping. Also it is time JD started chipping in. In 2010 and 2011 his goal scoring record has been very average.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I think Sarge is a question mark on fitness and agree with Begbie, he’s unbalanced. Funny that.

      • Anthony In That Number says:

        Just think our midfield looks so flimsey. I dread JJ to be honest. He always loses concentration and gives away possession and or fails to track his runners. JJ has had so many opportunities to fulfill his undoubted potential but it never materialises. Potential is one thing results are what matter.

        If Sarge is not available then Harry might have to pick Sandro and JJ but I think he would then play VdV in his usual role tucking in behind Crouch sadly. Just a shame we cannot use Krankie as a direct replacement for Modders but our midfield would be too lightweight imo

        Really need to dig deep and get something from this fixture as we are in danger of simply having to win the CL to rescue our season. Being Spurs it would be just like us to win the CL at Wembley and finish 8th in the EPL.

    • Fatfish says:

      Crouch will play tonight to help with defending at set plays. Probably the best part of his game. ;-)

  • Astromesmo says:

    Unbelievable. What next? VDV in random cooking accident & Lennon catching septicaemia while having the tramlines shaved into his eyebrows?

    Would be a good game for Andros Towns… Oh, he’s on loan.
    Oh well, Kyle Walker could… Oh, he’s on loan.
    Never mind, if we need a bit of bite in the middle it’s good that Jamie O’Hara is… Oh, he’s on loan.

    Is there anyone left at the training ground or is it just Jimmy Krankie jogging up and down gently on his own?

    • Nicko says:

      Ah, that feeling I am so familar with. Depression, pessimism, aprehension and knowing that whatever can go wrong probably will.
      As they say in france…’la malédiction des Juifs’.

      :winke: to the season

      • david says:

        Is BAE back from injury ?
        Could have played O’Hara LB or LM had we not sent him to Wolves.
        We may struggle to have a full bench tonight.
        Will modders make the Milan games ?
        No Bale, Hudd or Luka tonight makes our midfield look very ordinary.
        Fear all our eggs could very soon be in the CL basket.
        Site working 2 days running ?
        Feel a complaint coming on.

  • MaddySpurs says:

    I have one word to say to this news and that one word is bollocks :-(

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Blackburn will be a test of our mettle. And indeed our galoshes.

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