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That’s it.

All hope is lost. Please go back to into your homes and don your widow’s weaves. It’s all over.

It’s been mumbled before, but to my mind today’s News Of The World back page is the first real warning shot that the indomitable Celt Sluralix is well and truly after Modders.

Our form guide here doesn’t make for a pleasing read.  Michelle Carrick and Baldgarian were out the door like scalded cats the moment a move to Old Trafford was mooted. The impact of Carrick going was softened by what seemed good money at the time for a man on the verge of domestic and International greatness.  It turned out sweeter still of course as all these seasons later …he’s still on the verge.

Montgomery Burns meets Dorian Gray’s departure was hard to take. It destroyed the goal-making end of a Carling Cup winning side and pretty possibly heralded the obscolescence of Pointy Shouty Bloke. Some slight cushioning to these bludgeoning blows came in form of leaked tales of Dimitar refusing to play, and a huge wodge of cash. The salt in the wound being Frasier Campbell.

So now it’s Modders turn.

It’s time that Arry or better still the player stood up and announced he wasn’t for sale. It’s suggested that there is a £35M buy out clause in the Croatian’s contract. But this isn’t a figure at which point the player loses free will. Is it? If it’s represented as such I’ll push what I leave of him there myself in a wheelbarrow.

For the first time in a long time we are trading punches with the big boys. We may not be wandering around like some 1990’s bond trader chucking carrier bags of used notes at people bellowing, ‘Don’t wrap it I’ll ride it!’ But that’s because we don’t have an abyss of debt and bonds lurking over our shoulder.

Our slow but but enviable achievements have put us in a position of strength and it’s vital we don’t drop a testicle in the final furlong.

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  • onedavemackay says:

    If it’s in the News of the World it must be a lie

  • onedavemackay says:

    Who created the cartoon of you and the missus ?

  • david says:

    I believe Modders gave a great interview last year where he said we had given him this chance in the PL and he had no interest in playing elsewhere.
    Hopefully he still feels the same, otherwise better increase that buy-out clause figure pretty quick.
    On a minor point, I though MANU were skint.

  • Majesquire says:

    This is probably me being a younger fan here, but I don’t really relate to the fury at players leaving the club to move up the world. The manner of their exit is a different thing – If they’re refusing to play or saying they’ll never leave before they do then it’s fine to be angry, but a player has to further their career at some stage (like Torres tried to do), and I don’t blame them.

    The difference this time is whether you’d consider it a step up. United are more likely than us to win the title this year obviously, and next year as well. There’s the chance the rise of our club will stall or hit the ceiling. My bias noted though, I thing I’d much rather be part of a team which should rise up and challenge for the league and say that I helped get them there rather than moving over to the winning side and having an impact which, however good, could not be held up as ‘title-winning’ if they managed it the previous season. Then again, if Barcelona come in and buy out the release clause and Modders says thanks Spurs for the opportunity, I’ll never forget you and goes off to play for one of the greatest club sides in history I’ll say fair enough mate and thanks for all the memories.

    • nick says:

      wise words from a younger fan. Unfortunately some on here develop blinkers over the years!

      • redspur says:

        thought the same of one teddy sheringham – he deserved to win a Champs league medal and i had no hard feelings for him. dont understand the backlash that he was given by some bigots

        • anon says:

          “he deserved to win a Champs league medal”

          What a load of bollocks. No one “deserves” a CL medal

          Sheringham was one of the lazy players who want everything handed to them on a plate instead of putting effort in.

        • bollockchops says:

          I remember being stood with my brother and (then) 10 year old nephew outside old trafford when Teddy came out and saw his Spurs colours amongst the prawn butty mob. He asked the lad if he wanted an autograph and he looked him back in the eye and, cold as you like, said ‘no thanks Judas’. He wasn’t a bigot – he just knew a cnut when he saw one.

  • Yachtsman says:

    Agreed. When we show our own stars first of all and then other clubs that we will not sell that’s when have come of age in the “big time.” And we seem to be on the right path. 100m pound tag on Bales, ‘Arry’s determination to keep Modric, and (I hope) similar firmness with Sandro, etc., etc.

    Plus the commitment to the new stadium. Plus the training complex (which is at what stage of completion?) We are so near the summit. In a few years’ time we will be looking back and saying ‘2011’ was the year.

    • Spurstacus says:

      I believe you are right. The tops teams only sell when they want to. They dont get bullied into selling.We must develope the same mentality. Ronaldo’s case is unique. Suralix kept him at Utd for years until 80mil+ ‘stole’ him away. Look at the way Le Cul are fighting to keep at fabric bum. They might still lose him but he won’t go without a fight to keep him. Why should we give our best players away and to our rivals at that. OI! Fergie. NO!!!!

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