Redschnapps Quotes On Crocked Defoe And Begbie’s ‘Injury’

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On Defoe:

“Defoe has an injury again. He’s had a problem with his ankle before and it didn’t feel too good,”

“We’re trying to finish in the top four and it’s so close. But we’ve got so many players injured, people forget. We’ve got Tom Huddlestone, Younes Kaboul, Ledley King, Woodgate, Bale,  Van der Vaart. If you could pick a team of injured players it would be a fantastic team.”

“We had a terrible day at Blackpool, which was a massive setback for us,” he said. “We had been playing so well and everything just went wrong on the day. But we have to come back from that now.”

On Begbie:

” I never said a word to him after the Fulham game. Alan had a groin strain, but he’s fit now. I changed it after Fulham; I brought Corluka back in and we went and won four games on the spin, went to Milan and won. But that’s football: now Charlie  is injured, so Alan’s got a chance to get back in the team.”

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  • MalSpurs says:

    Jesus. Any f*king chance some our players can stay fit for more than 5 minutes. Bunch of soft dicks.

  • caledonian thisle says:

    say harryhotspur that is the best article you have ever written. it actually made sense.
    have you been seeing a shrink?

  • Astromesmo says:

    So, HR did what everyone wanted and put Charlie back in the side and we win a bunch on the spin – But when Charlie gets injured everyone says that dropping Begbie was terrible man management in the first place and resulted in a supposed dressing room argument that nobody had any evidence of but which was deemed as further evidence anyway of Harry’s lack of man management. I’m confused… I think I confuse easily.


    • MysteriousStranger says:

      If Harry says so, it must be true. Honest guv’nor. :lol:

      • Astromesmo says:

        I don’t believe a word any of them say… I don’t even believe a word I say… I’m just not ready to condemn someone over internet tittle-tattle, half-truths, stuff we (in our vast wisdom) think might be happening or things ‘wot a bloke that drives a cab for my mates brother’ said.

  • Astromesmo says:

    Oh, and that loaning out a young right back for first team experience in the PL when there were three senior players above him was terrible management as he should have forseen that all three would be injured. However, if in anticipating that 3 or even 4 could be injured, if he had tried to buy another right back, everyone would have said ‘Christ, just what we need, another right back’.

    Are we there yet?


    • tonitesthenitearry says:


    • MysteriousStranger says:

      I remember reading this and thinking it was quite a decent take on our situation in the immediate aftermath of Blackpoolgate.

      “As many have suggested Walker cannot be called back as he is playing for a Premiership team, but I’d assume we can recall Naughton from Leicester City without issue.

      One can point the finger all day at Redknapp/the club’s “stupidity” for giving these players competitive playing opportunities – remember we have no reserve team so theoretically this experience will be vital in their development – however once again the injury issue rears it’s ugly head and well, fuck only knows what the deal is with Alan Hutton who seems to have vanished into thin air.”

      And then I hit “Submit Comment” :lol:

      Now I just wonder what a good manager would have done, recall Naughton if he could, with no true right backs available for a vital game, or play Gallas out of position?

      Notice I didn’t say “or try to wing it by playing Gallas out of position” ;-) ;-)

  • Sid Trotter says:

    blue cheese eats grass … fishy or what?

    Hutton – he’s not hard. Hutton is mutton and mutton is a lamb poor thing.

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