Spurs Sniffing Around PSG Striker

Image for Spurs Sniffing Around PSG Striker

What the heck. Let’s have a rumour.

I’m struggling to remember the last time I bought a football mag. My guess would be the WH Smith on Waterloo about 10 years ago. The memory wanders as this morning on an Italian footy site 442 are named as the source of this midget gem.

Guillaume Hoarau is the name in the frame.

His name surfaced most recently when mooted as a ‘Plan B’ for Liverpool in their pursuit of Suarez. Then prior to this he was said to be on Aston Villa’s ‘radar’. His value appears to variy wildly depending upon who you ask and clicking about I’ve found estimates ranging from €6M to €14M. All of this suggests to me that his agent’s phone hasn’t actually rung at all much if not all of this was tubthumping, campaigning.

Or maybe our manager could devise  a tactic or two whereby our existing mob might get to do what they’re paid to. Just a thought.

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  • perrymann says:

    Another limp Dick

  • KayBee says:

    Strikers who actually score? Outrageous. You’ll be asking for defenders who don’t give away penalties next, young Harrence! ;)

  • harryabbots says:

    …avoided visiting yesterday…too hacked off. Blackpool indeed. About time Defoe should step up to the plate methinks. On his day, he is greedy, offside and classy. Problem is we haven’t seen much of the latter lately. Nice clicky 8O

  • Jay says:

    I guess he will play up front with Benzema right!!!
    I suggested you should stick to your riddles and nursery language and avoid the transfer rumours because I dont think you have ever got 1 right :)

  • 89spur says:

    After this week we need some to score the goals. Anyone know what his form is like, or any previous national apperances. 1st :-p

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