Date: 15th February 2011 at 9:59am
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Good morning ladies.

I’ve heard two things. One is we’re playing tonight and the second is that there is a distinct chance that will be on the bench and may well yet feature. The odds are we will get more to chew on as the day progresses, but here’s a round up of quotes to get the juices flowing.

Jimmy Greaves knows a thing or two about about Italian football…

“When I was playing  in there was only two flights a week and I used to miss both of ’em. They’ve got to attack, they can’t sit back. Good luck to Spurs tonight!”

Billy Wingrove  is an ambassador for both Spurs and Milan, travelling the world to launch soccer schools, foundation projects and is a high profile Tottenham fan.

“Ive worked for and Spurs all over the world. They are a great club, with a fantastic histroy especially in the champions league.
But come tonight I’ll be wearing my lilywhite shirt pleading for a spurs result.
I love Milan, the people, the club, and some of the players like Zlatan are good friends…….but when it comes to Spurs, friends come second!
I think we can do it over both legs. Injuries or no injuries. When you step out to that pitch with a full house, whether youre a player or a freestyler about to perform – it just lifts you 20%! But if we cant win the Champions League, I hope do!!”

Billy Bonds is upbeat about the tie..

“It would be terrific if we could get a better result than Inter and top the group then play someone who’s finished second, which you would think would be better for you. Anyone can win a cup competition. We’ll see who we get [in the draw] but down at White Hart Lane, no matter who it is, we’ll give them a run for their money.”

is cautious…

“Thanks to the coach we have great confidence in ourselves.  We will go to without fear trying to play our usual game and win. At home I am convinced we can beat anyone, so we can get there in the end. “

is happy to be at Tottenham and believes we should be feared…

“I’m happy if people appreciate me as a person as well as a footballer. I try to be open and available to everyone, because my parents taught me to be so. I try to behave like a normal person. I’m at home watching football on TV, sometimes I play tennis, go out like everyone else. I do not really like going to the party: I am a footballer, not a star. Madrid is a fantastic place, a club among the strongest in the world.

The Spurs are a team that plays a good football and has many great players. If we play together a few years we can become a great team. The competition with Milan? ‘a very open game, but we have beaten Inter and also we know we can beat AC Milan. And then the return in house gives us a great advantage. I think everyone should fear coming to play at White Hart Lane. “