The Official Carlos Tevez Caption Comp

Interlull anyone? No, me neither.

That said, I shall be putting chicken wire over the telly box to protect it from incoming of course, but unless you actually count Blackburn’s alleged interest in Fabiano as Tottingham related activity there ain’t nothing going on but the rent.

So here it is. Your platinum clad opportunity opportunity to be waiting weeks for some book, faulty toy or other. Manchester City’s Argentinian is a machine. If this snap is anything to go by, one that has a faulty valve.

All answers will be adjudicated, deliberated and discombobulated and ultimately the closest to funny wins the threat of a star prize.


  1. Northern food and our Carlos dont go well together – in fact the black pudding he ate for breakfast is trying to make a hasty escape!

  2. Tevez aims to branch out into gay porn and issues a come and get me plea to Gold and Sullivan.

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