Date: 3rd March 2011 at 8:31am
Written by:

Guten Tag.

I feel asleep and when I woke up it was one nil. Dropped off again and this time when I focused in there was Nicolas Bendtner stood there,  a hat-trick to the good trying not to smile, trying to do something with his hair. I thought when Jim Henson made them that big they put people inside.

Barry Hearn was good value before the kick off. He presents very well and one can only hope he manages to get something as positive as himself back from his begging letters to the wide and the worthy over the winding up order arrival of another football team on his doorstep.

A moody few days this week has been really. We’ve been linked with Foam Brain Bendtner and now Micha Richards. I could weep. Not over the Bendtner business, that’s pure fabrication and it was only a matter of time before someone sellotaped that story together.

No it’s the Richards one. It has Redschnapps all over it. ‘Scotty’ Parker is not for sale and our just can’t help himself. He looks at a player. Pictures them in a shirt and if they look good he begins to salivate. Micha Richards would attain cult status at . As thick as a brick and as bright as a twenty watt bulb.

The tragic thing is, I can see the Bed-sheet Bedouin’s letting him go to mugs like us. The nutter with the putter was special circumstances see. Bellamy was a case alone. He was a mental defective, but one who at the top flight with the right mix of love and tolerance could bag someone some precious goals.

Bizzarely yet conveniently enough for City he was mentally defective enough to welcome a move to Cardiff. Of all places. So everyone’s a winner baby, that’s no lie.

But Richards, was shipped in as part of the New Eastlands Order and found to be sadly wanting. The owners may have never ending resources but they are not stupid. They shipped him – and characters well like him –  in at top whack both fee wise and salary wise. The first step to a profit is ridding yourself of a loss. Or a dead loss in this case.

€15-€20million to put him in a shirt. Like Anne Widdicombe in nothing but a thong.

I hope I never see it. Enjoy your breakfast.