21 Seconds That Suggest Kyle Walker’s Worth A Go

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Tough gig being on the verge of first team football. Spurs fans in general are optimistic and welcoming to those wanting to break through. But only a handful of folk get to see them play and footage is often rarer than rocking horse do do.

And speaking of wooden things with limited mobility, it would be great to have someone with a bit of ‘zip’ at the back if they are supposed to playing in an attacking role too.

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  • H says:

    Why do the papers continue to link us with Glen johnston when we have this guy coming in the summer, along with Hutton, Charlie and Kaboul who can play there!

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Johnson is another Pienaar. Better than a good few, but just not good enough.

      • AS says:

        We make a habit of buying players like Pienaar.
        Not ‘what we need’ but he costs less than he is worth and the selling club in no position to negotiate. It it this approach that had lead to a good selection of players but a very unbalanced squad.

      • eastanglianspur says:

        I agree, so why did we acquire pin stripe?

      • Spurstacus says:

        If he’s not good enough for the cheatski’s, and he’s not good enough for the pooh- he’s not good enough for us. Word to your mutha, my brutha’s. Redknapp should drop Johnson like he’s hot, drop him like he’s hot.

    • Brycie says:

      2 true bring back kaboom

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        He’s French
        He’s thicker than broom
        Get him in the shirt
        And watch ‘im shake the room

        With apologies to John Betjeman :-|

  • TonguesTooShortToFelchWithGod says:

    All of our mids could play right back as well as Glen Johnson. It’s the easiest position on the pitch to play. Our slowest players, physically and intellectually, currently play there.

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Modders compilation vs Ammers HERE

  • Tony says:

    Tongues….think again. Full back is one of the most difficult positions to play. You are expected to defend and attack. You must be fit, and can tackle. You must be involved in the offside trap, and are expected to be comfortable on the ball, and crossing. You are often against wingers, who are usually quicker than you or very tricky. The easiest role is Van Ver Vaart’s. He basically has little responsibility. You then rely on his individual quality. Goalie is the most difficult position. Anyway, Walker scoring a screamer does not necessarily mean that he is a good full back. Glenn Johnson has a collection of screamers to his name. Show me clips of Walker having oppositon winger in his pocket please.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I’d welcome giving him a go on the basis I’m tired of watching Charlie plod about like his gout’s at him and Begbie appears to be a manslaughter charge waiting to happen.

      Unsophisticated, but I feel we’ve probably hit ‘cant’ be any worse territory.’

    • Acton_Yid says:

      Slightly unfair assessment of Kyle Walker there. He is very much developing into a promising right-back and is anticipated to have all the pre-requisites of a quality full back that you mention.

      Whilst he has undeniable ability, he does not have the experience of a Glen Johnson but that should not mean that with a good grounding and experience (ie. being selected on a regular basis) he cannot become at least as good as, if not better, than Johnson.

    • TonguesTooShortToFelchWithGod says:

      Agree to disagree as most PL fullbacks are half-assed defenders and wannabe attackers. If your feet aren’t good enough to defend as a fullback in the PL, then you have no reason for being there. Agree that a great fullback combines good speed, great feet and doesn’t get beat in the air.
      There’s plenty of pressure through competition for playing time, so no role should rightly be called easy. Most PL players have the basic skills to perform the role of fullback.
      VdV’s role is being crafty and skillful. If he doesn’t make goals happen, he’ll be gone quicker than a losing manager. Attackers who don’t score goals are pretty disposable at most clubs. Is there less pressure on an attacker who doesn’t score than a defender who’s on the hook for a goal at this level?

      • Tony says:

        Of course there is more pressure on defenders than attackers. It goes without saying. A striker misses a chance, then people forget about it. A defender sleeps for 1 second and lets striker in to score, no one forgets it.

  • Tony says:

    Guys be patient. Walker will be given a go. But right now he has NO competition for a place at Villa, so he is getting more games than he would at Spurs right now. Next season he will be ready to fight for place. Villa is great Premiership experience for him – and will stretch him DEFENSIVELY – which is a skill that only experience can develop. Corluka has generally been good since he came back. That performance at AC Milan was great until it was brutally cut short. Vs West Ham he misplaced a hell of a lot of passes, so that was not so great, but normally he is good.

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