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The footballing world was shaken to it’s foundations this morning as Raphael van der Vaart revealed, ‘I have breakfast with Damian and Sylvie and then i go to Tottenhams trainings complex to train, because i really want to.’

I hope that this is innocent, boyish enthusiasm rather than ol’ Vdv wearing his sarkie pants.

The second is good stuff from the boy Hudd, ‘Hoping to train with the lads this week, then 2weeks (international break) to train hard and all going to plan shud be fully ok for wigan!’

One thing I couldn’t help but notice was the constant stream of begging request message from people to Cuddlestone. ‘Hey Tom, cud you tweet that it’s my Aunt Dolly’s 73rd bday and she is eating a chair for Comic Relief. We’ve all got cancer in out house it wud mean a lot m8!’

Elswhere, Azza Blud’s biatch Montana Manning tells us she is filming for Eastenders. Montana either has serious literacy issues or is on a drip feed of booze. If I had to guess what I probably opt for that rust coloured WKD gear. So once she’s mastered shouting, she should become a central character.

Azza’s Twitter account is frankly beyond parody. He’s following an unrelenting posse of chillin’ boyz and laydeez. Lowlights of which I would give special mention to Twitta Booty. These good people  assure us that they are, The original Booty Hunter tweeting pics of the greatest booty’s from twitter and beyond! That’s a relief. I wouldn’t want to be working myself into a pink mist over any old bottom.

He’s also following RosaAcosta who I kid thee not describes herself as, Ballet Dancer,Massage therapist,Elbow Lover, Nippologist, Scar kisser, Shower Opera singer, Midget hunter and future chef. Where do you start? Midget hunter? Well that hunt’s clearly over love.

And the rest leads me to believe that there’s been a typo somewhere and it should be …Two shugs, love.

Ladies Day today – all tips gratefully received :-D

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