Date: 15th March 2011 at 9:30am
Written by:

Another day, another intensive hangover.

According to the Current Bun, was out throwing some shapes with his buddy and part time striker, Cartoon Cole in a Fitzrovia night club, Merah. Merah boasts that it offers, ‘a sophisticated social playground for the influential and the jet set.’

So no wonder one reveler, some unnamed dame in a short black dress was outraged when some half cut midget with drawn on hair and go faster stripes in his eyebrows helped himself to a handful of her bottom.

Judging by the picture, the lady involved complete with lolly-pop in gob, looked like the only place she’d be influential or jet set would be behind a till in a supermarket.

I’m not going feign shock that these two morons were out on the lash involving themselves in morally dubious activities. I genuinely don’t care. But the article says they did £15,000 on a bar bill.

Fifteen grand. And the place is only open for 6 hours!

I’m not turning into my dad, surely? But how? How do you do £15k in a night? Having had a butchers at the club’s website I see no hint of a restaurant serving endangered species off of jeweled plates, served by complimentary really hot birds who are absolutely gagging for it. Michael Winner would struggle to do £15k in a night.

What were they drinking? Plutonium?

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