Arry Reveals He Was Offered Job By Al Ahli Last Summer

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Good old Arry. Loves a bit of the old microphone. And found our Arry most obliging.

“The Champions League’s so important for us, we need to make it again, it’s so close with us, Manchester City and Chelsea. I think it’s between us three for the final two places.

“We had a terrible game away to Blackpool, which was a massive setback for us.

Everything just went wrong on the day, so we have to come back from that now. We can’t afford to slip up again. “It’ll be a tough game at Wolves, but it’s one we need to win.”

“We want to win the league, that’s the ambition eventually and if the club’s ambitious it’s not impossible, we’re not too far away, but we’ve thrown some silly points away.

“We could be sitting on the coat-tails of Manchester United now and we’re right up there with Arsenal and Chelsea in terms of squad. But we need to keep improving and strengthen again in one or two positions in the summer. You need top players if you’re going to do that and we have to push on a little. But it’s difficult because wages-wise we can’t compete with the likes of Manchester City. They can attract the players because of the wages they pay and everybody at the moment wants to go there. It’s a great club – I’m sure they’ll win the championship in the next two or three years.”

Redschnapps  revealed he was approached by Dubai-based Al Ahli last summer.

“There was an offer made and I was intrigued, I love it here. It’s a great way of life, so it was something that interested me for sure.”

For those of you with particularly poor dial up, Arry politely declined that offer and stayed on at Tottenham.

It was the Mirror that broke a tale some of you might recall that Big Sam and Mark Hughes were spotted both staying in the same hotel last year as the Maktoum owned footy club were said to be interviewing in earnest. Just out of interest, it was David O’Leary that got the job.

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  • osvaldo villa says:

    Fuck me dead first at last

  • osvaldo villa says:

    Not to bothered if Defoe is injured or not, he is as useless as the rest of the mob of strikers.

  • osvaldo villa says:

    Thanks for the reply Harry as this is the first for me to receive from such an estimed person as yourself. Makes me quite proud really. COYS.

  • ally says:

    who is that in the yellow(ish) bib??

  • AS says:

    Harry’s yearly contract is up in the summer and I am sure some of the mega rich clubs around the world will be offering him deals.

    Man City for example have got to be considering snatching Redknapp from under our noses.

    He clearly likes it at Spurs but they might make him an offer he cannot refuse…

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