Date: 5th March 2011 at 1:03pm
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I’m beginning to really warm to David Lammy.

Perhaps I was too quick to write him off as a man who simply abused his position and the trust afforded to him by the poor schmucks good people that voted him in. There’s much more to him.

You’ll recall the business about his expenses. You know, how he claimed £25,263 for that handy second home between April 2003 and March 2004. Apparently the commute from to Westminster is an absolute killer.

Well, old Dave is back.

On the face of it, Lammy’s leaflet delivered door to door in his Tottenham constituency is a good thing. A noble thing. ‘Local Accident & Emergency Under Threat’ blasts a bold headline. He’s actually campaigning against a decision of the very government he is a Minister in.

Now you may say that shows character. A bit of daring do. But if you’re that at odds with your own party, isn’t this an indicator you need to either cross the floor or …quit?

‘I’m deeply concerned’ , says Dave. Dave, you’re not the only one mush.

Not only he is campaigning against his own government in order to save his own neck come May, he’s sent the bill to … his constituents.  At the bottom of the brochure lies the small print: “This publication is funded from the Communications Allowance”.

The rules say: The Communications Allowance provides funds to allow you, as a Member of Parliament, to communicate proactively with your constituents and inform them about your Parliamentary duties. You may claim up to £10,000 per year from this allowance.

So that’s all just dandy then.

Labour may be out of office, but they’re still busy picking the last pennies from public purse. Bless ’em.