Enquiries Have Been Made – For €35M Bale Replacement

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The Italian media has been sniffing and quite understandably so around The Boy Bale for some time now. But when it comes to these foreign mega-bid deals I’m always sceptical. They might scan well as a headline, but history is not littered with young lads who have barely mastered their native tongue making the extraordinary leap into unknown cultures. Well, apart from Great Train Robbers.

Tonight’s news comes then from the Italian daily,  Gazzetta dello Sport who believe that Lyons’ left wing-man Michel Bastos has been subject to strong interest from our lot.

Bastos is a class act, Lille were weighed off to the tune of £18M for him. Like Bale, he’s versatile. He can cross with great ability and he’s a triffic shot on him.

Why would this happen? Well one obvious answer is that nothing lasts forever (just like they taught me that in the SAS). Another answer is ‘no it bloody well won’t as Baler’s staying forever and a day’.

Do let me know wot you fink.  Crazy Italian bar stewards or Spurs preparing for the worst?

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  • Sean CFC says:

    Bale will stay at Spurs, because you will and I hope you snatch 4th place.

  • Davspurs says:

    H.H. Who owns the paper Berlusconi ,Harry wants a Barstos on the wing and Bale left back greedy barstos. This is what defenders say when Bale leaves them for dead Barstos Bale beat me again

  • A_Felching says:

    I think Berluscummy should spend his free time preparing for his trials, instead of making up stories about our players

  • Pup says:

    on a five year contract bale is not going to leave in this playing year. His value will run down as his contract does. Look at Berbatov for an example. Man U wanted him a year before they got him, because if he had stayed out his contract he would have no sell on value.

  • guvnor says:

    Stop posting bullshit harry, did you know that you could always try and write a decent and intelligent post to get hits? Harry you lil riddler you.

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