Jack Wilshere – Footballing Role Model

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Jack ‘even more mongy looking than smoothbum’ Wilshere has accepted a police warning for attempting to spit on a taxi driver who was wearing a Spurs hat.

Cabbie Brian Spencer a 61 year old, said the experience was, “the worst I’ve ever seen in my 38 years as a cabbie.”

The trophy-less booze fuelled caper took place in London’s West End outside a lap-dancing club. Quite understandably the taxi man declined to accept a the drunken lunatic as a customer.

According to Spencer, the lashed Gooner tried to spit through an open window but missed, hitting the window instead.  Nickerless Bendtner refused to comment.

“I had no idea who he was. He pointed to my cab and said, ‘You’re f—-ing taking us’. When I told him he was too drunk he got even more aggressive,” the attacked cab man told the Sunday Mirror.

“He was looking at my Spurs hat and there was real hate in his eyes. Fortunately his friends pulled him away before it got really violent.

Wilshere’s behaviour is the worst I’ve ever seen in my 38 years as a cabbie. No one deserves to be spat at because of the team they support.”

A spokesperson for the Wilshere family responded by saying: “Jack is only 19 and adjusting to life in the spotlight. He realises his behaviour was wrong and he is full of remorse.”

Arsenal added in a statement: “Jack apologises for his actions and understands his behaviour was unacceptable. We take this matter seriously and it has been dealt with internally.”

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