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According to Michael Steele a Bloomberg bloke, Under Armour will be suppliers to the Tottinghams come 2012.

Mixed reaction from me. This news will send a chill down the spine of those supporters who had ‘issues’ with Kappa kits. If you thought their stuff was a neat fit, Under Armour goods aren’t displayed on a coat hanger, they come in can.

The other question I would raise is why aren’t we going for a truly household name like Adidas or Nike? I’d be staggered if Levy & Co give a stuff about ‘individuality’ and this has more to do with the bottom line.

We’ll be told of course about all the technical benefits (techie fans you’ll love this stuff) and how in 10 years time they’ll all be wearing it. Mmn.It would take me 10 years of going to the gym to get one of these bar stewards on.

Here’s their homepage.

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  • lilywhitemike says:

    Who on earth is under armour?!! Surprises me that Levy, who wants spurs to be a global, doesnt get adidas or nike in…

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      They are huge in the USA.

      Confirmed HERE.

    • Doc says:

      Getting Nike or Addidas will make no difference whatsoever to Spurs global plans. Nobody gives a stuff who makes the kit, they’ll buy it and wear it anyway.

      We are getting link ups with American companies, perhaps we are trying to break into that market as well as Asia and China.

    • Morgan says:

      Have you never played football???? They are the maker of all the top quality under shirt wear. And before you slag this gear off, It is some gear. This is a massive massive deal by Levy. Up there in front of the worlds best. Anyone that plays the game knows what under armour is

  • rob palmer says:

    whoever offers the club the best deal gets the deal.

    Kits are for kids anyway. its pretty sad to see anyone over the age of 14 wearing a replica shirt.

  • Yid Army says:

    They do loose fit shirts as well as the compression ones.
    The gear is top quality – I use it all the time.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      If that’s the case I’m happy to be corrected. I’ll admit I’ve seen very little of their gear in the UK, so if they do do ‘loose fit’ I could be won over by all the techie blurb :daumen:

  • RunnerFox says:

    Best financial deal must be the preferred choice. I dont give much for the “legacy” argument when it comes to what to wear on the pitch.

    That said, if theres a man to trust when it comes to work the ideal deal out it must be our own mr. Levy

  • jim says:

    adidas please !!!!!!!!

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