Date: 10th March 2011 at 10:48am
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Morning one and all.

The good ship Tottingham sailed into the the quarter finals of the last night. It wasn’t how many of us thought it would be. AC where bound to come out fighting and they certainly adopted a different strategy to the one that saw them get beat at the San Siro. But the real difference was how Spurs stood their ground.

The unsophisticated viewer might say that a ‘bus’ was parked. But without being to biased I felt that what was implemented by and the boys was a tad classier. Parking the bus is everyone and the tea lady blocking play, your centre forward as a centre back. Hello Wolves fans.

Spurs actually held a line and held a shape that wasn’t breached too often despite the Italians chucking their fancy top of the range kitchen sink at us. It was a credit to Spurs that they had the wit and the wisdom to adapt and survive.

It wasn’t a thing of beauty, but then it’s difficult to imagine that 3MP in the nip is either – but Abbey ’s let him get off with her so much experts say that she will sire a baby giraffe by him later this year.

Gomes 6.87 Apparently he’s a big Shaking Stevens fan.

5,43 Not at his best but still worth 2.5 Begbies.

Gallas 8.23 ‘Too old’ – Arsene Wenger. ‘Super duper’ – Harry .

Les Dawson 6.38 Held the line well enough.

A&E 5.99 Under pressure he cracked.

Azza Blud 6.92 We played down the middle a lot. He was okay.

Sandro 9 MOTM A revelation. Lots more, please.

Modders 6.93 He was swamped. Not an excuse, a fact.

Peanut 5 Arry, play , old son. Please.

6.45 I’m terrified he’s in an ‘injury cycle’. I hope I’m wrong.

3MP 7 The referee was a wonker. He couldn’t buy a fair call.

Bale, & Jen*s all too little time to warrant a score…