The Boy Bale Back For Los Blancos

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Our old friends at Spurs Odyssey are alive and kicking. Which is nice.

A relatively new ‘member’ offered this…

‘Just got an update about Gareth’s injury. It’s a grade 1 tear and he could of played today but wouldn’t then of been fit for the Real Madrid game so good news for us. The new contract extension has a buy out clause added to it so that Gareth has more control over if and when he goes.

Having said that, however, he is absolutely loving it at Tottenham and has no plans to go anywhere at the moment but it does all depend on us staying in the CL.He loves the lads and the life he has and wants to stay at Spurs so lets just make sure we qualify again.’

This was immediately greeted of course with ‘and just how do you know all this?’ But I’d be less inclined to rubbish this for no other reason than it’s refreshingly coherent, balanced and lacking in sensationalism. You know – unlike those idiots that either speak in riddles or come out brash stuff like Benzema Loan Deal Done!

So, he may well be available for the next installment of our Champions League adventure where we face The Honkeys in downtown Spain. Which is nice.


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  • jim says:

    i cant believe players who have never previously been in the champions league now will turn around to the club that got them there and say “we better finish 4th or else im off”. Just dont buy that. If they are all like that, we better get ready for some sales down the lane this summer

  • TMWNN says:

    Levy must be rubbing his hands thinking about the profit he will make.

    • SpurredoninDublin says:

      The profit is in the long term future of the club, not the sale of individual players.

      Selling Bale, unless we have an adequate replacement detracts from the long term value of the club. Do you think the club wanted to sell Keane and Berbatov?

  • davspurs says:

    This information you have given us H.H. was already on my radar apart from my energy watch, my other quality’s are spotting players who have bean tapped. Watching the injured Bale Talking to Ryan Giggs made me think back to when old red nose asked Giggs to tell him to wait for Utd to sign him. Why was Giggs even there talking to Bale is he part of the Welsh back room staff or Fergusons mouth piece or he could be disclosing the size of his buy out clause. All you have to do is see who is trying to get us in fourth and who is going through the motion and which players Harry is upsetting by using the non triers these are Bale Modric Van Der Vaart and my conclusion is none of these players have helped us win games since they have bean linked to other clubs either by injuries or not playing to there high champions league standards

    • melcyid says:

      some interesting opinions mr davspur,I must dash off to work now but I think I could add a little more spin to your theory although I dont agree wholey with what you say. :daumen:

      • melcyid says:

        On the above subject of tapping players etc. like disco darren says keane was never gonna leave ,here for life etc blah blah.he got married 3 weeks after season ended.his guests were bindippers garagher and Stevie g . I reckon they tapped him up and with encouragement from his missus for a big pay cheque.done us big time which probably gave berbatov the wink to clear off as we were going they thought.If the bulgar had stayed he would probably be centre stage now,also enjoying his game with around 20 =30 goals this season. those goals would have made us top as we would have beat the mancs at the lane lane as well.I reckon that bale and modders are like some of our earlier legends that still love to be around the lane.ardiles roberts ginola etc, pwoper players at a pwoper club.just my opinion. :shifty:

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Levy’s ‘profits’ don’t lie in us doing one stint in the CL and them flogging everyone, surely?

  • TMWNN says:

    How else can you explain the stupidity of not signing a striker who could have scored the goals to qualify for the CL again?

    • 89Spur says:

      I think that is more about the wages that good strikers expect, than the transfer fees.

      • Harry Hotspur says:

        Valid point. Whilst we can compete with the big boys in terms of salary, yet we refuse to pay a six figure sum per week to some Herbert who wears headphones 22 hours a day.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I think stupidity is occasionally the answer opposed to just a symptom.

      Redknapp apparently had bugger all to do with VdV, I can well believe that. He went to Italy to scout and got robbed by pikeys whilst ‘buying sweets’ for chrissakes.

      When it comes to tapping up Scotty Parker or similar, Arry’s yer boy – but this last window exposed Arry for being hugely limited at this level.

      It was pretty clear from what he said and the look on his face whilst he said it that he didn’t see a striker coming in about 7/10 days before the window closed.

      If one had arrived, it would have been like the old tale of the rabbit that knocked on the farmers kitchen door seconds before it gave up the ghost.

      Levy, we were told by Arry, was backing a striker signing. Arry said ‘He’s pushing more than me!’ opposed to ‘me ‘ands are tied!’

      I like Arry, but in some instances he’s out of his bloody depth.

      A squad of CL finalists has real value. Anything less is a work in progress and the increase in the worth of Modders & Bale’s would be buttons even if they reached the semis.

      Look at what we got for the various bits and pieces of our Carling Cup squad we had dismantled for us. Nothing you could retire on.

      • AS says:

        My reading of it is a bit different. We stopped spending when H arrived but don’t want to tell people that we have stopped spending so there is a merry go round each window with swathes of smudges where new signings should be. Don’t think Harry’s got the budget or authority to spend (Bellamy/Carrol/RSC/+ many more he showed interest in) nor the authority to even tinker with the squad(Keane and Gio would have been small budget replaced in the summer if he had). The idea that Harry Redknapp who has bought and sold more players than anyone on the planet and knows about players all over is short of targets of all shapes and sizes is just beyond belief.

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