Favourite Spurs Goalscorer In Your Lifetime And Why

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By your beds,

In the lifetime of this two bob blog, there have been a few consistent elements. Typos, daytime drinking, my ability to start a fight in an empty room …hang on – I’m Alan Brazil. Well, there’s one of life’s eternal questions answered.

But one genuinely ever present factor has been the issue of our strikers. You build a team from the back, but goals win games. Goals that your lot scores. You can talk all day about ‘service’ and ‘form’ but strikers live and die by their tally. Sure, some are tirelessly intelligent off the ball, but that’s a bonus. Miss World doesn’t get her crown by being a crackerjack flower arranger.

So here’s your task. Tell me who your favourite Spurs goalscorer in your lifetime has been. The reason I ask ‘in your lifetime’ is to allow the passion of younger fans an equal footing with some of our more distinguished Yids who travelled to games on black & white trams clutching over-sized wooden rattles.

You don’t have to have even been to a game to join in. If you were listening to the radio to follow John White’s exploits, that counts just as much.

The best submission will get sent a nice Tottingham related book. I’ve included a poll which ought to cover most of the big names. If I miss anyone you want included, tell me, I’ll update.

This should be a goody. BIOYC!

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