Under The Lights At The Lane

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A magical phrase.

Working on the basis that after two pretty iffy league games we are in true Tottingham tradditon a good one, I feel quite positive about tonight. With the obvious exception of the long standing gout sufferers and the likely to be  limited contribution from the Boy Bale, we shape up pretty well.

Once the MO’s list is removed from the equation, my next port of call is Begbie & A&E. I am not a stat man. But I know that I’m running out of stuff to throw at the telly as they both commit stupid foul after stupid foul.

As that charmless nurk Van Persie demonstrated last night, the consequences of daftness are unforgiving. Van Persie claiming he couldn’t hear because of the fans. Yes of course. As anyone who’s been to the Camp Nou will tell you, the thunderous volume is possibly at it’s lowest when the away team are attacking. A few thousand Gooners up in the Gods wouldn’t have drowned out a whistle that every other player heard on every occasion for the duration of the match.

Tottingham need to focus on what we do well and not allow the insanity of an individual error sink us. Sounds obvious, but just because we’re suddenly hitting the high life I’d be sickened to watch us become a posse of hard done by whiners.

On a cheerier note I’m looking forward to Sandro playing again. We are constantly reminded about players needing time to bed in, well this guy appears to mastered that transition and gives me every indication he could be central figure for us.

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Predictions. Wow. Now you have me.  3MP Anytime Goalscorer in a 3-2 win is a whopping 40/1. Krankie Anytime Goalscorer in a 2-2 draw is 45/1. I think that they will be goals. Lots of ’em. It’ll be a nail-biter. Because that’s the way we do business.

Oh yes, I have been told I’m on p78 (it’s the new page 3) of this month’s Zoo Magazine. I would imagine it’s a hilarious one liner rather than a full and frank confessional.

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  • 7 hours and counting

  • Highgatespur says:

    COYS!!!!!!!! B

  • AS says:

    Sat here watching a sky report from libya counting my blessings that my biggest worry today is if we play well and nobody has a mare and will the ref give a crazy penalty or red card etc. Anyway we got to make the most of this CL campaign and to do our bit lets make WHL like the old days where opponents faded under the lights with the noise of the fans ringing in their ears.

    • Astromesmo says:

      Good point on the Libya situation. There really are some hell-holes in the world at the moment & we need to thank our lucky stars a few more times than we do. It’s so easy to fall into that self-indulgent bubble sometimes where the bus being late becomes a big issue.

      I know some people on here joke a bit about me generally being a cock-eyed optimist but I work with a couple of charity groups based in Africa & Bangladesh and some of the stuff they tell me about has you hugging strangers in the street with joy at not being stuck in the middle of it.

      There by the grace of god go we.

  • AS says:

    Charlie Dawson Gallas Benny
    Lennon Mod Wilson Bale

    That would do the trick I think. Charlie if he is fit as he links well with Lennon and Hutton can be wayward at times. Wilson over Sandro is a tight call but experience just tilts it his way tonight. Harry hinted Bale might not start but I think we may start the two wingers to peg them back early on then take Bale off if he wilts. Revert to VDV/Crouch up front as they have delivered for us in Europe. No great shocks in the team though. Quite a stable line up in the CL. Expect a few dodgy moments but us to win in the end. 2-1.

    • Astromesmo says:

      I’d love to see Charlie in action again. He’s available so if he’s not too sore, I’d say stick him back in the fray. I don’t reckon he’ll risk Bale from the off, so maybe Lennon back on the right with VDV on the left if Crouch is up front. Sando, teaming up with Wilson & Modders, with Modders pulling the strings behind Crouch.

      I think there’ll be goals but I’m confident we can get one more that them on the night, let alone aggregate.

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