Date: 14th April 2011 at 1:02pm
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This is as probably a good a time as ever to take stock of where we are. I see Ossie has come out this morning and called for Arry to be supported in the next transfer window.

I’m not sure that was the problem. Noises coming out of The Lane were that Levy & Co. had no issues with issuing cheques. Remember Arry leaning out his car window telling us that was the case? The problem to my mind was that Arry was far to naffin’ hesitant and ought to have removed from his brain the notion that he could rely upon Crouch & Defoe ‘comin’ good.’

Which brings me neatly onto the rather en vogue line that Redschnapps has taken us as far as he can. Let me point out that I can see his weaknesses. I can see them a mile off. His warmth towards players I would regard as typical West Ham worries me. He is in his heart a West Ham man. It’s in his blood.

But has he taken us as far as he can? This was a charge that has been leveled at him before of course. I’ve referred to him as good fire fighter, but a man that lacks that extra certain something. I’m probably right. But does that mean he has to go?

But look at what he’s actually achieved. Last 8 of the Champions League propels him into the Top Ten managers list, doesn’t it? sit 5th in the league and they have been loitering in that area like they actually deserve to be there for the bulk of the season.

My very first thought when the INSERT NAME OUT! brigade rock into town is who are you intending to replace him with? ‘Cos I spoke to my dad earlier and he doesn’t want it…

There appears to be a an element of fans that sprinkle magic fairy dust above their heads before screaming for a manager’s head which renders them immune from having to solve the problem they have created.

Sure, if you’ve a lunatic on the premises, say a Ramos who’s clearly on a suicide mission and wants to take with him – then it’s for the greater good that you bin him at once and worry about the consequences afterwards.

But to seriously call for Arry to go now is madness. Like those who appear to have an irrational hate on for Levy. You want the trouble and pain of which you hint of? You won’t have to wait long.

will almost certainly be flogged off to some Arabs or a conglomerate of Villains within the next 5 to 10 years and then you will see ‘your’ club blaze a trail in the awfulness that City, United and Blackburn have got themselves embroiled in.

Mark my words, the Arry Aters now will look back fondly upon this era as a golden age of financial security with it’s  moderate successes. The No To Stratford mob will live to regret that the Club didn’t move. The future of football is a sinister one friends beset with horrific risks.

There will be those who spend their time now wisely preparing for it and those who waste their days expecting Jose Mourinho to come and manage a second tier team in a 36,000 seater stadium to glory.

Now put out those lit torches and have some player ratings.

Gomes – 4 – I maintain he’s a top flight keeper. And not, repeat not a lobotomised oaf from the Planet Spaz.  What he needs is a stable, good defense in front of him. Footballers, inc. goalies are fragile little butterflies these days. they like stability and routine. Or their trousers fall down for no apparent reason.

Charlie – 5 – He started at well but he’s fallen into a routine of the same overlapping runs that rarely produce much that is inspired. And he’s slower than a long wait.

Gallas – 8 – A damn good shift from a Champions League quality player.

Dawson – 8 – If you look back at how he was, which was a hope for the future, he’s developed so incredibly as a player he’s my next tip for a Manchester United bid.

A&E – 7 – One of his better games. My only niggle is his left peg which seems to have one setting. Hacking the the ball like a player who likes to use his 7 iron for every shot.

Azza Blud – 7.268 – Considering he’s been poorly and we usually have to wait three or four games for these ‘racehorses’ to regain their form, we were gifted a decent and committed performance.

Thudd – 7 – Began poorly but soon got into the swing of it. Nothing to blow our minds, but some very useful tackles and always looking to go forwards.

Modders – 8.37 – He’s one another one of those true Champions League class players we have on our books and ought protect and nurture around the clock for ever and ever, Amen.

Bale – 8.832 – A little known fact that he actually has the heart of a lion. Tragic illness as a child in Wales, Tory cutbacks in the local NHS, a local zoo made the offer. The rest is history.

VDV – 6.972 – This guy needs to stamp his names on games more often. This was  an extraordinary game, but I mean more in Premiership games. He’s starting to lose possession too frequently. I want him to boss more.

Pav – 7.36 – I believe he’s an amazing player. He’s frustrated the hell out of me too frequently, but my man love burns on regardless. I’d like him selected routinely. He’s talented and smart, more please.

JD – Gave it socks. Really got stuck in. So desperate to recapture his form. Trying so hard on occasion he looks mechanical.

Sandro – Too little time to make an impact but clearly a superb player.

Niko – Difficult to see him with us next season, he clearly didn’t sign up to be a bit player.

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