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The current Tottingham frontline couldn’t score in a Chinese brothel with a pocket full of rice. Would you do a deal with the devil?

I think I’m on record as saying that this son of ****** Baldgarian actually came from a place that was so low that even the rats was hunchbacked.

I remember watching The Paul Daniels Magic Show and he had Robert Maxwell on as a publicity seeking stooge. The Bouncing Czech repeatedly plugged his organ – Daniels hushed him, saying to camera – ‘people play tricks with mirrors.

The Daily Mirror are suggesting that he could return to The Lane at knockdown price of £10M-£12M. Wow.

Now suspend ye olde ‘paper talk!’ and answer me this. Would you have him back?

Before you reply, don’t get tooooo precious. Gallas is giving many of us the guiltiest of hot flushes. And he used to …. well, you know.

There’s a poll so you can express your view without the bother having to make up a user name.


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  • Martin says:

    At the end of the day he’s the top goal scorer in the prem, our strikers aren’t even in the top goal scorers in our team.

    • Dan says:

      hahah yes, spot on. If he wants to come back and play, then fine. But if he is going to be a sulky little cnut, then he can do that on United’s bench.

  • garethkeown says:

    you guys were made for each other. He will use and abuse you whores like before. Dont see the mighty arsenal re-signing other peoples cast offs. Keane, defoe are all failed players who spuds were foolish to resign. Add joe cole to your ranks as old arry loves accumulating players even in positions that are adequately filled. Idiot.

    • Shelfelf says:

      And you chose a user name after a player who at least one of which parents was a monkey. Fuck off. There’s a good div :winke:

    • TMWNN says:

      I actually agree with the scum lover. Berbatov is a complete cunt who refused to play for us. We need stop buying back our old players and buy some who have a bit of hunger or desire to impress. Berbatov can go and fuck himself.

    • Mr_Spiggott says:

      Whoa ! watch it fella you darn near dropped that water bottle. :winke:

    • frontwheel says:

      who,s that sausage eating, square head goalie you just got, scum twatttt

    • bruce castle says:

      Jens Lehmann anyone?

    • Alan says:

      Didn’t you re-sign Sol Campbell, sign Silverstre from UTD and Jens at 40?

      Gutted mate….

    • blobby says:

      you’re a twat just cause you’re a goon ,. but i agree with what you say … cnut

    • Peter McCarthy says:

      So.. Sol Campbell,Jens Lehmann and Silvestre were all first team big money buys then? then if we were in your financial state I guess they were!

  • AS says:

    A couple of players like Berba and Drobga who can deliver straight away would be ideal. Both might be available in a month or so for a reasonable fee and their addition would help to balance our woefully unbalanced squad. It should not bother us if neither is a saint – they both deliver which is the first priority of the type of player we need. From a football perspective the case to prioritise buying a couple like that is unanswerable imo.

  • I would love to see Berba back at WHL.The thought of him playing in the same side as Modric,VDV,Sandro and Bale is mouthwatering.Class is permanent and Berba has it in Spades.
    What a dickhead that garethkeowen is.Wenger has bought some turkey’s in recent years.ARSESHAVIN,CHAMAKH,SQUILLACI,SILVERTRE,KOSCIELNY to name just a few.The words glass and stones come to mind.

  • Unless my mind is playing tricks garethkeowen,didn’t ‘THE BLIND FROG’resign that Judas cunt Campbell.

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