Date: 25th April 2011 at 7:47am
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Guten Tag.

Later today I thought we’d really get in amongst it and discuss team tactics not just on the pitch but from the boardroom down. And our wage bills and specifically that wage cap business and try to reflect upon some particularly astute comments that you lot have been sharing over the last week.

But first, it’s a Bank Holiday morning and there really is no need for such argy bargy so early. So as it feels like a Sunday, here’s my online Sunday Supplement .

It come courtesy of a young man by the name of Matthew Craig Greene who I bumped into on , his fantastic ‘scribbles’ as he calls them were actually recommended to me by The Show.

By day, Matthew helps asset management companies -and, particularly, alternative asset managers – better understand their markets, their customers and their competitors.

[Yes that was the plug – it wasn’t very subliminal, but we are working on them]

And while nobody’s looking he sketches pictures of important Spurs moments on his iPad. Matthew lives in Essex with his wife and 2 young kids.

For maximum enjoyment, open another window and launch this bad boy CLICKY GOODNESS it’s Left Bank Two by The Noveltones – perhaps better known as – the music to Tony Hart’s, ‘The Gallery’.

To launch Matthew’s gallery, just click on the image of old Tone below and enjoy this lovely start to your day…