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Positives have to include Crouch’s game efforts to cleanse himself of the Real Madyid fiasco, Modders scored, Dances With Scones was back to an extent and it emerged that Super Romancrazypavinchenko is quite good at playing football.

Negatives to be factored in would be quite simply if we are unable to hold a two goal lead againist Stoke City, then perhaps the task against Joso Mourinho’s boys ought to be¬†undertaken in Bernie Clifton ostritches and at least we could say we were doing it for charity.

We’ve now scored I think about half a dozen goals less than Citeh, which even to twitching wannabe tax exile says we have not so much a scoring problem – although Defoe should be swapped for someone with more to their game than ‘under me right foot and piiiing!’ – but a defensive one.

Citeh are quite frugal with how many they score, but this is compensated by the fact they conceed very few. We do not.

The Woodgate and King thing needs to be addressed once and for all and before a ball is kicked next season and without fail. Sod the ‘Long Live The King’ brigade. He’s finished. Lots of love, respect, kudos and lingering¬†hugs, fit some platinum castors on him and send him out to stud and graze in the Essex nightclub scene. Woody should be given a VW Campervan, The Hair Bair Bunch Collection on DVD, a suitcase full of money and a map of the world.

Word today is that HisNameIsRioAndHe’sAlwaysInTheStands was approached. Wonderfully ambitious. Who next, Frankie Lampard? Let’s stop fannying about and shore up Kaboul and Dawson and get on with it. There are lots of top notch defenders out there. And much easier business than trying to land a striker.

That is all.

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  • Gestie says:


  • yiddo4ever says:

    yeah i totally agree….bang on about defoe, king and woodgate. Really need a re-vamp of the strike force next season and some quality defenders to fit in with Kaboul and Dawson who are getting better and better in my opinion…even Kaboul who i used to hate! AM just worried that Rednapp is gonna play the old pals act and get in the likes of rio, neville and lampard now they are in twilight of thier careers

  • Gestie says:

    could agree more about the king woodgate saga,noth made of biscuits.Time for the long road to coaching badges and get King to adopt Kaboom as his padawan. Great to get Huddlestone back, he could give us an outside chance for 4th. the best bit of management from Harry yesterday was to play two strikers, one of which was not Van de Vart.

  • Toddspur says:

    Thudd was class. 3-2 was very flattering to stoke

    By my estimations we can only afford to lose one more game in the PL this season to get 3rd or 4th. That’s a big ask but with Kaboom and Thudd back it gives us a lot more depth

    • sniftywoof says:

      Thudd you joking right if he plays Sandro dosnt its got to be Sandro

      • seppoyiddo says:

        I could see VDV dropped for some games in the run out with Sandro coming in. Besides, no one stays uninjured for long in one of our shirts.

      • Astromesmo says:

        One for next season…Thudd and Sandro together with Modders given the free role that VDV had behind a striker who knows where the onion bag is.

        For now, Thudd showed glimpses yesterday of what we’d been missing – His first time dink onto the head of Crouch for the 3rd was right out of the god-botherer’s top drawer.

        Disco Darren is right though (Below), you’d hardly say Suarez, Dzeko & Torres are setting the goal-baggers charts alight so far – Even Benty is ahead of them. So maybe there’s hope for us yet in the close season bargain hunting. Kane needs more time & poss a season in the Championship or somewhere like France.

        Walker back will be like a new signing, Kumalo is getting on nicely by all accounts and we’ve yet to see the best of Kaboul. One more wise head alongside those, Bass-Man and Daws isn’t necessarily the worst idea. Would still like some cover/competition for BAE though.

      • Toddspur says:

        Both good players and will get games when tactics permit. Expect Sandro away from home and Thudd at home.

        Oh and while I’m at it; no ain’t joking Thudd is class it’s just you can’t see it. Give a PL player who is genuinely two footed?

        • UnkleKev says:

          I’m with Astro. Huddlestone, Modric and Sandro should be the core around which the team is built. If that means moving Bale to a left back position or omitting van der Vaart entirely, then so be it.

        • sniftywoof says:

          wow you really cant see how slow thudd is when we havnt got the ball he cant cover ground and is a liability need to be an athlete in EPL

      • toddspur says:

        Snifty; are you still wearing short trousers and sucking lollipops at lunchtime

        Can I suggest you stop this and go play football with the older kids; you might learn something

  • NYSpurs says:

    Agree about King – give him a testimonial and a coaching or community ambassador role.

    After yesterdays performance I am pretty sure we will score 5 in midweek, and concede 4.

    Still, we are SPURS.

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