Date: 8th April 2011 at 9:27pm
Written by:


Courtesy of eagle eyed, pigeon toed and big hearted HH reader Bruxie, it has come to light that are heavily discounting the white Autonomy shirt. Like selling ’em off at £12 each.

Usually these catalogue deals are riddled with disaster and a discount code that once the company gets wind of the abuse they void them and the howling into the night by those who discover their card has been debited for ‘the full amount’ can be heard for miles.

This is actually alright. You point, you shoot, you pay, you naff off. No code, no nuffink.

Obviously they are RUBBISH compared to the dead good tees on offer in my Schmutter dept, but would I ever do less than share? So don’t you worry about me. I’ll get by. 8th of the month and I’m already washing my hair in washing up liquid. But don’t give it a second thought. Act as if I do not exist. It’s with my blessing.


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