New Manager Announcement Due Before Noon Today

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It seems that all the recent talk of Arry Redscnapps being tipped as the new England mananger had substance after all. Tottenhan Hotspurs’ hand has seemingly been forced as details of the deal that will make him the next England supremo are to be revealed in an six page exclusive in this weekend’s News Of The Screws.

The source of this extraordinary story is actually Italian, and none other than Paulo Fior who is translator for Fabio Capello and … Editor of Gazzetta Del Beffa, an online football coaching site.

An insider told HH late last night, ‘The timing couldn’t have been worse, but this is all about adapting to a situation and limiting damage. We’ve got the biggest game in the club’s history in decades next week and the last thing we want is to unsettle the lads.’

It is understood that senior officials from the FA have been in intensive talks with both the club, Arry, Roy Keane and an interpreter for Fabio Capello for the past three months. A deal that satisfied all parties was only brokered I understand, in the past few days.

Roy Keane has been courted by a long list of football clubs but Spurs are over the moon to have landed what they believe will be another marquee managerial signing.

Out insider told us, ‘Danny has pulled a few rabbits out the hat, but this will leave the White Hart Lane faithful speechless. Keane’s record speaks for itself.’

No two ways about it, in a relatively short space of time Roy Keane revolutionized football management. His buying strategy at Sunderland and his press meetings at Portman Road set him apart from so many outmoded, humdrum and successful managers.

Spurs have been accused of lacking what pundits call a ‘winning mentality’ and this bold move is thought to signal Tottenham’s intent to tackle the issue head on.

More as I get it.

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