Date:23rd April 2011 at 5:30pm
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So Manchester United grind out three points. We’re incapable of grinding coffee beans.

West Brom? Sorry to be awfully disrespectful, but this is the side that thought they’d won the lottery when landing Uncle Woy as their supremo.

Believe it or not I stand by Redschnapps. Those amongst you who revel in stats can investigate but he’s worked miracles. He has his limitations but who amongst us doesn’t? As I recall Stephen Fry’s ‘flawed genius’ speech on Cooky.My beef is with the players.

I don’t see much merit in ripping into anyone specifically. But the Tottenham Malaise is still there, still blighting any chances of genuinely advancing as a team, as a club. Gomes is apparently a clown and some wouldn’t send him for a paper.

Gomes is a decent goalkeeper. But I tell you this; you put Van der Sar in a Spurs shirt and watch him haemorrhage goals. There isn’t a keeper in the world that performs well in front of a conveyor belt of defenders. There isn’t a keeper in the world who’s confidence and self belief are impervious to foul ups. It’s a vicious circle and the sooner King & Woodgate are suitably replaced the better.

Our midfield has some absolute quality in it’s number. But Modders is a gem, Rafa a gift, but Bale needs to adapt his game. He’s become a household name and ought not be surprised that people are developing a strategy to nullify him.

Sandro must be encouraged to stamp his mark on proceedings. We’ve been whining on for a dog’s age about a ‘Roy Keane’ type. Pssst wanna know a secret? We’ve got one and his name is Sandro.

Up front I’m swimming against the tide with many of you perhaps. I wouldn’t flog Defoe and 3MP, I’d pop them into one of those charity bags that come through the door and leave them on the curb outside The Lane. Harsh? Neither have scored remotely enough goals. Forget Pete’s one that got us in the Champions League, he took that back when he demanded a red card against Real.

Drawing indoors to West Brom simply isn’t on. If Chelsea don’t wallop West Ham there will be tears before bedtime in the Hotspur caravanette tonight.

Here’s some clips:

szólj hozzá: Tottenham 1-1 WBA

szólj hozzá: Tottenham 2-1 WBA