Stoking Up The Fires Of Hell

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Good morning fight fans.

I don’t know everything but I know this much. Spurs make a fist of this today and the atmosphere at The Lane is gonna get ugly. Don’t worry about Real Madrid, don’t get bogged down in all that did Azza do this this or did Jenas do that business, Stoke City have lost their last six away games back to back.

Cheatski and Yanited both have handy enough home games today, but it’s Liverpool hosting Citeh and if the Pool win – which is not out of the question, then that’s them well and truly snapping at our heels is we fail to take all three points.

Redschnapps will earn his dough today. So be it arms around shoulders or pushing the last antibiotic up Azza’s harris, he needs to make sure our lot are all present, correct and ready to rock. Quartz, now there was a band. HERE.

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  • MysteriousStranger says:

    Don’t ask me for the National winner. Cheltenham is more my bag!

    I like the reports suggesting Crouch is going to be absent. :winke: :daumen:

  • shahaan says:

    We got four home games back to back, need to win them all really.. . Lets hope we play 4-4-2 and smash them

  • MysteriousStranger says:

    In all seriousness if we don’t get a result today, I will be more disappointed than I was on Tuesday. The difference being, I didn’t expect us to win on Tuesday – but in the league we’ve been so ropey of late I find it hard to be appeased by the fact we’ve had a nice little CL journey. Or whatever Redknapp wants to call it.


  • osvaldo villa says:

    dont be such a miserable bunch of cunts have confidence as we did last year.
    Fuck by the way Harry just finished night shift and switched on the old computer and ended up a poor fourth, not to worry eh old mate!

  • AFelching says:

    Oh no, Stoke fucking City do we have too? :sick:

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