The Clive Allen & Aunty Wengy Caption Comepetition

Image for The Clive Allen & Aunty Wengy Caption Comepetition

Prontaprint. Those were the days. The digital age must have cut truer and cleaner than the sword of Islam. Oh well, they charged the earth, so they didn’t die broke.

He’s a goodie courtesy of Citizen Fatfish and to enter into the spirit of things, the prize isn’t some dreadful book autographed by a footballing legend worth a small fortune on the black market. No, today’s winner gets a snide Royal Wedding mug autographed by me using a permanent marker pen.

If that doesn’t keep entries down, I’m not sure what will. I’m nipping down the shops to score some discounted easter eggs due to superficial damage to their packing.

Prattle will be served at tea time.

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